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The campus call center of Zibo information engineering school was opened

after six months of careful preparation, the campus call center jointly built by Zibo Unicom and Zibo information engineering school was officially opened on October 20. Jideli, director of Zibo staff education center, yueguofeng, President of Zibo information engineering school, liguoqing, deputy general manager of Zibo Unicom and other leaders jointly participated in the unveiling ceremony and unveiled the campus call center

the call center of Zibo information engineering school is another win-win cooperation between Zibo Unicom and the school after the opening and successful operation of the call center of Zibo Vocational College. Zibo Unicom has built a 50 seat Unicom call platform for Zibo information engineering school, which is the reproduction of the real position and real environment of Zibo Unicom on campus. Zibo Unicom is responsible for the training and management of relevant businesses, service specifications and operating procedures for interns. Zibo information engineering school provides office space and includes students' internship training in campus call centers in the teaching plan. Shandong, Henan and other regions have also taken the initiative to implement 65% energy-saving standards and credit assessment. After the internship students graduate, Zibo Unicom can provide them with the appraisal opinions of College Students' social practice according to their internship performance, and at the same time, select the excellent ones to get employment in relevant positions

At present, Chile sqm, the company with the largest lithium salt production in the world, visits the call center

with the opening of the call center, Zibo Unicom continues to innovate on the road of school enterprise cooperation, which not only provides a good internship platform for school students, so that students can participate in social practice without leaving school, but also lays a solid foundation for students to improve their competitive advantage in the future job market. At the same time, It also broke through the bottleneck of insufficient front-line service personnel of Zibo Unicom, formed scale marketing, and promoted business development. It has achieved multiple wins for schools, enterprises, students and society

Shandong capital is abnormally high

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