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In the peak season of e-commerce, "slow service", enterprise call centers may increase seats to improve

looking back at the sales blowout during the shopping season last year, the quality of customer service and the speed of delivery are not very awesome, which makes e-commerce generally feel headache. At present, plastic composite materials have led the revolution of bridge construction industry since the promotional information of goods with great preferential power on various media such as Internet and tradition. Consumers have been unable to resist the temptation of price and are eager to start shopping

summarizing the experience of last year and predicting the general situation of this year, Guangtong cloud () suggested that both logistics and e-commerce should immediately increase the number of seats to alleviate the huge pressure on procurement, inventory, sales, after-sales service and other links brought by the peak sales business

if the enterprise call center is not supported by cloud computing technology, it is impossible to flexibly increase seats in peak seasons. Therefore, at the beginning of the architecture, Guangtong cloud platform takes into account the situation that enterprises may face in real business that requires dynamic expansion of the size of seats, and integrates cloud computing technology to enable the platform to support enterprises to use on demand and charge by time, and the users of enterprises can be in any location Use various terminals to obtain application services. Guangtong cloud platform adopts SaaS mode and designs a large number of self-service modules. Enterprises can use cloud contact center according to their needs, such as customized IVR navigation process, customized business content, business process, customized report, etc

provide a large number of self-service electronic universal tensile machine measurement systems to enterprises. While paying fees according to the number and time of use of call center seats, enterprises can directly use web-based application software to manage their daily business activities and enjoy the service of free software maintenance on Guangtong cloud platform

for e-commerce and logistics enterprises that have not yet established a cloud call center, it is not necessary to use the Guangtong cloud platform if they have concerns about the construction cost. No. 3. Maintenance of oil source: enterprises need to purchase hardware facilities such as servers, no need for enterprises to find special sites, or even hire professional IT talents. They only need to use terminals such as,, and so on, and can use the custom modules on the Guangtong cloud platform through computers Database and other resources, make use of a large number of resources, uniformly manage the key links of the internal and external processes of the enterprise, and provide customers with high-quality and continuous services

some enterprises do not use cloud call centers because they are worried about the security and stability of public cloud resources, which is beyond reproach. However, cloud computing security technology continues to develop with the wide application of cloud. Many targeted security solutions have been integrated into the call center platform based on Cloud Architecture. When meeting the scalability and flexibility requirements of enterprises, It also provides reliable security technology, particle pore unevenness 1 technology and service guarantee, and uses Kang Yu and other technologies to minimize the risk of enterprise information security

the business activities of e-commerce and logistics industry span multiple regions or regions, and the coordinated operation and safety between regions are equally important. In particular, the customer service centers of large-scale enterprises are distributed in several cities across the country, which need to be uniformly distributed and managed across the country. To achieve this effect, the cloud contact center in charge of operation must obtain the national or regional call center telecom operation qualification, and can provide enterprises with nationwide cloud call center platform services only after implementing the telecom resource guarantee

Guangtong cloud platform, which has long had a strong ability of unified operation and management across regions, integrates the three elements of enterprise operation: enterprise communication, operation management and business application, ensures the continuous and stable operation of the system, and provides a safe and reliable service platform for enterprises

if the cloud call center solves the problems of reducing enterprise use costs, information maintenance and security, and greatly reduces the threshold of enterprise use, e-commerce logistics enterprises are still hesitating whether to use the cloud platform, or whether to increase seats, the missed customer profits and market share will have to be paid by the enterprise itself

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