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On the 15th, in Tokyo, the candidates for the leadership of the Liberal Democratic Party prepared to participate in the debate, followed by Shinzo Abe, Shigeru Ishiba, Nobutaka Machimura, Shinzo Ishihara, and Fangzheng Lin from the left

on the 23rd, four candidates for the leadership of the Liberal Democratic Party of Japan expressed their views on the establishment of the Marine Corps in Japan when they attended a TV program. The election for the leader of the Liberal Democratic Party will be held on the 26th. As the support rate of Noda cabinet has fallen below 30%, the new leader of the party is likely to be the future Prime Minister of Japan

American media said that the Japanese ruling and opposition right leaning

the Liberal Democratic Party's first election will begin voting on the 26th. On the 23rd, in Fuji TV's "new report 2001" program, it has been made clear that the four candidates for the election of the party's first leader have expressed their positions on Japan's national defense affairs. Former defense minister Shigeru Ishiba and former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, the "most right wing of the liberal Democratic Party", as critical processing equipment, believe that the creation of the Marine Corps is very necessary in the current situation. Shi's election platform is to play the security card. He previously proposed to amend the constitution to reorganize the self defense force into the "national defense force"

Lin Fangzheng, acting president of the Liberal Democratic Party and Shintaro Ishihara, son of Shintaro Ishihara, said that whether to establish the Marine Corps depends on the future development of Sino Japanese relations. Data show that Japan has 148302 land self defense forces, 45800 Maritime Self Defense Forces and 50724 air self defense forces

at present, in the Democratic Party, although Noda was re elected as the party leader, the support rate of the cabinet has fallen below 30%. Noda is preparing to reorganize the cabinet on October 1. The Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) hopes to hold an early election and realize regime change. Naturally, the head of the new party is expected to be the future Prime Minister of Japan

as for the current development of Japan's political situation, the front page of the Washington Post pointed out on the 21st that Japan began to show "slow but obvious right deviation... This is the most confrontational since World War II". According to the analysis of the newspaper, politicians from all political parties in Japan have begun to advocate that the right to collective self-defense should be allowed to be exercised, and the voice for amending the constitution is rising. The article cited Japan's plans to deploy the land self defense force to Okinawa Prefecture and Naguo Island, saying that the self defense force began to be given "more important functions"

the newspaper believes that this is due to the "recovery of the mood of losing influence" spreading in Japan after 20 consecutive years of economic stagnation. The newspaper also published expert opinions saying that although the complex feelings of maintaining military power are still deep-rooted in Japan, there is still a certain limit to the right deviation

purchase four amphibious combat vehicles

on the 22nd, the United States and Japan held a joint "seizing the island" exercise in Guam. 40 members of the Japanese Self Defense Force participated in the exercise, although the Japanese defense ministry said the exercise was not aimed at any country. However, Asahi Mizushima, a professor at Waseda University in Japan, believes that the military exercise conducted by the United States and Japan at this time will inevitably stimulate the deterioration of the regional situation, "which will further stimulate Anti Japanese sentiment and hinder the settlement of disputes by diplomatic means." Japanese media believe that although there are radical opinions in the Ministry of defense and the self defense forces, the Japanese government does not want to further stimulate China

it is reported that the Japanese land self defense force has planned to purchase four amphibious combat vehicles for beach landing in 2013. The self defense force official said, "the self defense force will have the ability to attack the enemy in order to ensure that the machinery and equipment are often in a good technical state"

in this regard, Asahi Mizushima, a professor at Waseda University, believes that if the Japanese Self Defense Force has amphibious warfare capabilities, it is likely to be recruited and become part of the global military deployment of the United States. (Zongxin)

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the United States agreed with South Korea to increase the missile range

it plans to increase the missile range to 800 kilometers, which can cover the entire territory of North Korea

South Korean government officials said on the 23rd that South Korea and the United States have reached a "preliminary agreement" on increasing the range of South Korea's ballistic missiles. Both sides agreed that the range of South Korea's ballistic missiles should be increased from 300 kilometers to 800 kilometers, and the warhead load limit should be maintained at 500 kg

South Korean media said that the government would issue a new missile policy statement as soon as early next month. Its main contents include: South Korea and the United States preliminarily decided to extend the range standard of South Korea's ballistic missiles from the current 300 kilometers to 800 kilometers; The warhead weight remains at 500 kg 3 The exposed sliding parts, gears, pulleys, etc. of the experimental machine should be protected and installed;. And the weight of the warhead carried by the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), which is highly valued by the South Korean government, will be significantly increased

if South Korea and the United States reach a final agreement on this, the range of ballistic missiles will be about twice that of the missile guidelines (300 kilometers) adopted in 2001. The range of 800 kilometers is based on the central region of South Korea, which can cover the whole territory of North Korea. The two sides also decided to maintain the warhead weight at the current 500 kg

it is understood that the South Korean government is likely to issue a new missile guide before the South Korea US Security Conference (SCM). Explain that the force measuring piston should be converted

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