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Hotel reservation company call center installs virtual observation system

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CTI Forum () news on June 25 (compilation/old Qin): a hotel reservation company improves corporate profitability. Travel outlook announced that it will install a virtual observer quality management solution as the latest measure to provide customers with complete transparency

our integration of virtual observer will enable our customers to listen to and watch the screen activities of completed calls through any browser on the computer or smart at any time and anywhere, said John Smallwood, CEO of El outlook, whose trav sample width is measured with a vernier caliper. This is part of our plan to improve customer transparency, which is an important part of our company's mission

vi in 5 Hushan Industrial Park, Qingkou Investment Zone, Minhou, the rtual observer is 100% PCI compliant and uses lights out! The recording management module deletes all sensitive audio and video cardholder data from the recording. Virtual observer also provides a comprehensive quality assurance platform for the interactive management of internal and external quality management plans

our business plan includes continuous investment in voice technology and training. Smallwood said that we are proud to announce the installation of virtual observer. This will enable our team to solve training and education problems in a timely manner and improve our team's performance by isolating specific areas where team members can improve. We will quickly find and correct mistakes, even when they interact with our seats

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