The call for green packaging in the worst disaster

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Unwilling to protect the environment, the voice of green packaging in disaster areas is growing

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core tip: in recent years, the voice of product packaging simplification and environmental protection has become increasingly high. This puts forward new goals for the future development trend of packaging machinery industry

[China Packaging News] in recent years, there has been an increasing call for concise and environmentally friendly product packaging. This puts forward new goals for the future development trend of packaging machinery industry

greening of pharmaceutical equipment

pursuing a green and environmentally friendly life and protecting the living environment has become the mainstream voice in society and the future development trend of all walks of life. As one of the important industries in China, the development of pharmaceutical equipment industry must keep up with the trend of the times. Sustainable development has become the only way for the pharmaceutical machinery industry

earlier, the state proposed the 12th Five Year Plan for environmental protection, but the author found it during maintenance. Environmental protection is the basic national policy of our country. Promoting the scientific development of environmental protection and accelerating the construction of a resource-saving and environment-friendly society are the aspects that all walks of life should focus on when formulating development goals

with the improvement of production level, people have higher and higher requirements for products. 3. If you need to start up again after just starting up, you need to ensure quality, ensure safety and practicality, and also put forward higher aesthetic requirements in terms of packaging. Therefore, the packaging industry has become a serious disaster area of excessive waste, with a wide range of products with exquisite printing and packaging. However, excessive packaging not only increases the price of products, but also causes a waste of resources, which is quite inconsistent with the field of environmental protection. The wind of low-carbon and environmental protection is changing every corner of life. Food, drugs, household appliances and so on affect people's living habits and consumption ideas all the time. China's packaging machinery industry is also actively adapting to this change and changing its own development mode

due to the particularity of the pharmaceutical industry, it is inevitable for medicine packaging machinery to comply with the wind of green environmental protection. Domestic pharmaceutical packaging enterprises should firmly grasp this trend and realize the upgrading of technology and the transformation and upgrading of enterprises

green route for the future development of automatic liquid packaging

it is reported that in the production of liquid goods, the high-speed automatic filling and packaging speed of automatic liquid packaging machine has greatly reduced the production cost for enterprises. In some large liquid medicine and beverage production enterprises, most of the production links are completed by modern machinery, and automatic liquid packaging machine is one of them

as the leading force in the packaging machinery industry, the full-automatic liquid sub packer has provided a strong guarantee for the rapid development of China's commodity packaging, and some have made up for the gap in China's commodity technology. The domestic automatic packaging machine has met the basic needs of the market. The improvement of mechanical automation, automation technology and electromechanical integration control are widely used in packaging production. These not only improve the production efficiency of equipment, but also ensure the quality of packaging. They are essential equipment for all industries and enterprises

at present, the full-automatic liquid packaging machine relies on automation technology to achieve convenient production and efficient production, which is very important for enterprises and the market. In this way, liquid products can also rely on the full-automatic liquid packaging machine to adjust the production tasks at any time, so as to keep pace with the development of the market

food packaging is bound to be green.

as packaging materials, especially food packaging materials, safety is the most basic principle that should be observed. How to avoid food pollution caused by plasticizers and metal elements while ensuring product performance is a problem that must be solved for enterprises to survive and develop. Thirdly, as a member of society, enterprises must undertake the corresponding social responsibilities, pay attention to the treatment of packaging waste and the recycling and reuse of resources, and realize the requirements of sustainable development

green packaging should meet the following three conditions: on the premise of protecting products, facilitating storage and transportation, and promoting sales, green packaging should use as few packaging materials as possible to complete the packaging operation; The packaging materials and containers must be chemically stable and cannot react with the inner products (such as food), and will not produce any harmful ingredients to pollute the products during storage, that is, the green packaging materials must be safe for the inner contents; Packaging waste can decompose naturally quickly (such as using degradable plastics), or packaging materials with edible properties, or packaging waste can be recycled and recycled to the greatest extent

green packaging is a new concept developed under the traditional packaging design mode. It is a packaging that is harmless to the ecological environment and human health, can be reused and regenerated, and conforms to sustainable development. It is an inevitable choice to solve serious environmental pollution

with the deepening of the concept of green environmental protection, green packaging materials will be widely used in the packaging field and become a new future of the packaging industry. They will play an indispensable role in the packaging field. The market prospect is very wide. 5.16 number of fatigue test channels: 5 wide. Green packaging materials do their utmost to make everyone live under the blue water and blue sky. At the same time, these packaging materials also remind people from time to time that everyone should be a real practitioner of low-carbon and environmental protection

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