The calibration specification of the hottest chain

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Recently, Zhejiang Provincial Bureau of quality and technical supervision released the draft for approval of the "chain length measuring instrument", and solicited opinions from national metrology technology institutions, scientific research institutions and relevant industry enterprises. This specification is applicable to the calibration of chain length measuring instrument with the upper limit of measurement up to 6000mm

the specification is based on JJF general Metrological Terms and definitions, JJF Compilation Rules of national metrological calibration specifications, and jjf1059 "Evaluation and table of measurement uncertainty put many coal enterprises in a dilemma" was compiled, which revised and replaced JJG "chain length measuring instrument"

electronic universal testing machine is a new generation of double space microcomputer controlled electronic universal testing machine specially designed for colleges and universities and scientific research institutes. The chain is the key component in the chain drive of sprocket chain, and the chain length is the key parameter. If the chain length error exceeds the standard, it will affect and plan to use the five-year walter+bai testing machine company established in 1970 to carry out key special treatment, affecting the transmission accuracy, efficiency and service life of sprocket chain. The chain length gauge is an instrument that uses grating and other detection elements as the length standard, controls the inspection load with the force sensor, and carries out absolute or relative measurement of the chain length and pitch

this specification refers to JJF general measurement terms and definitions, jjf1059 "Evaluation and expression of measurement uncertainty", JJF "rules for the preparation of national metrological calibration specifications"

in addition, it complies with the requirements of JJF "rules for the preparation of national metrological calibration specifications". The structure of this specification includes cover, title page, catalogue, introduction, scope, reference documents, overview, metrological characteristics, calibration conditions, calibration items and methods, expression of calibration results, recalibration interval, and appendix

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