The hottest wall is macarone. Your home will look

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Macarone color on the wall, your home will look delicious

macarone on the wall, your home will look delicious

May 21, 2019

macron, also known as French round cake and macarone, is a colorful French dessert with crisp outside and soft inside. A successful macarone has a smooth appearance and natural luster. There will be a layer of "skirt" on the lower edge of the cake due to baking. Its colorful color is brought by the addition of decorative materials such as fruit powder and Matcha powder

macarone color refers to this kind of colorful and beautiful colors. Pink and yellow can not be synthesized yet. The material color, orange, blue and green are its main tone coatings. Cherry Blossom powder, mint green, lavender purple... These are typical macarone colors. Macarone color system, which is popular all over the world, is widely used in clothing matching and beauty products. Similarly, this fresh and colorful color system is also very popular in home color matching. Today, digital color will introduce to you how to use macarone color interior wall emulsion paint to make the wall live and create a lively and fashionable home style

macarone powder

pink is most popular among girls and public companies, but it should not be too capricious when applied. Applying macarone powder to a small area of the wall will be more unique, such as a small space in the living room, a wall in the bedroom, etc. a little embellishment can make the whole space show a faint pink flavor, and the girl's heart burst

pink walls, clean white, simple gray, with black elements, the elegant but calm side of the study space is also suitable for you who love pink

macarone purple

purple always gives people a sense of charm and mystery, but macarone purple is just like a virtuous woman, gentle and tender. The hanging paintings of the same color system, seemingly random patterns, also add color to the space

decorate the quiet macarone purple with bright colors such as red, green and yellow, which adds a sense of icing on the cake and adds a little vitality to the quiet macarone purple

macarone green

light green seems to have a more rough and crazy feeling. Unexpectedly, macarone green can also show such a domineering side

how should we control toilet literature and art? " Paul korchazin's answer may only apply to the fresh macarone green of his period. It is refreshing at a glance. The distance between the fixture rotation center and the upper surface of the chassis washes away fatigue in such a space, which is also worthy of a kind of life enjoyment

macarone blue

blue always gives people infinite reverie. Macarone blue is also a bold color that looks young and relatively free. Whether it is large-area painting or small-area decoration, it can easily create an exotic atmosphere

the TV background wall is alternating with macarone blue and neat white. 2. The formula description and arch shape design make the space more lively and playful without losing fashion and elegance

macarone grey

grey is earthy in the impression of many people, but the figure above gives grey confidence. It turns out that grey can also be so beautiful! Macarone grey is calm and playful, and will not be too heavy

macarone grey is the main tone. With dining chairs and cabinets of other colors, it is full of pink and tender. Grey also has spring

macarone color system, light and elegant tone, with a little embellishment, can make the home fresh and lively. The sweet but not greasy home wall tone can bring people a soothing and elegant, quiet and gentle visual experience, eliminate troubles, and resist pressure. Do you also want to try this "healing" wall style? Stop chattering and act quickly

digital caiai + colorful qianse Jingwei wall paint can be adjusted by the computer color matching system to produce more than 1000 fresh and pleasant colors from light to deep. The adjusted colors have uniform luster, delicate hand feel, plump and soft paint film, and good color retention performance. It can adjust the makaron color of light color system for literary and artistic youth, small public works, and girls. The elegant wall "color makeup" is simple but warm, creating a refreshing, comfortable, romantic and gentle Soft and sweet home environment

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