The hottest Wal Mart AI store opens to the public

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Wal Mart artificial intelligence store is open to the public and pays close attention to the new retail outlet of ai+

Wal Mart staff said that the store has been named as the intelligent retail experiment, and the outer packaging of almost all products is paper product room (IRL), which will focus on all aspects of the overall intelligent experience and be used to test new and innovative ideas. Wal Mart intelligent retail laboratory covers an area of more than 50000 square feet and has more than 30000 items. Through a system, it provides related personnel with real-time data of goods that need to be replenished. The combination of analysis and cameras will monitor items that have been removed from the shelves and alert workers to specific products that need to be in stock

customers will see common elements in this Wal Mart store, but there are also some significant differences, including a large data center with servers and blue lights. Similarly, the customer will see two large Plexiglas windows containing large displays; A colorful dynamic image can be adjusted in real time to imitate the action of the person standing in front of it. Customers can also find educational kiosks that provide more technical information throughout the store and reception center

irl CEO Mike Hanrahan said: we have 50000 square feet of actual retail space. The scope of what we can do operationally is so exciting. Technology enables us to understand our business in more real time. When all the information we collect in IRL is combined with Wal Mart's expertise in store operations for more than 50 years, we can create a truly powerful intelligent experience for customers and employees

ai + new retail outlet, Amazon's unmanned convenience supermarket Amazon has become a competitive benchmark.

when it comes to smart retail, people have to think of pioneer Amazon. In the past two years, the new retail trend has gradually risen. In 2017, Amazon decisively purchased whole foods at a price of $13.7 billion, causing an uproar in the industry. After taking over the whole food, Amazon not only placed the whole food products on the station for sale, but also set up Amazon's exclusive express cabinet in many offline supermarkets of the whole food, further enriching its new retail points. In addition, Amazon's unmanned convenience supermarket amazongo also opened nine stores in major cities in North America last year. It can be said that Amazon is still at the forefront of the times in the new wave of retail reform

amazon go relies on cameras and sensors to track goods consumers take away and put back from shelves. The cashier becomes redundant, and consumers can check out with the credit card registered in the system after leaving the store

from the technical level of artificial intelligence, it uses computer vision algorithm, sensor fusion, deep learning technology and other technologies used in autonomous vehicle to create a smooth checkout free shopping experience for users. Just walk out technology can automatically detect when goods are removed from the shelf or put back, and track the goods in the virtual shopping cart. When consumers finish shopping, they can leave the store. Shortly thereafter, Amazon will send a receipt to users and charge their Amazon account

of course, Amazon go is not everything. For this self charging system, most people are still worried about whether it will make mistakes and be overcharged. But there are also risks. Gianna puerini, vice president of Amazon go, said: the system is very accurate. If there is an error, customers can use Amazon go app to scan the items charged by mistake on the receipt to remove the items charged but not purchased. Although he didn't answer the question directly, he gave a solution when he made mistakes

amazon go unattended cashier stores not only want to beat traditional convenience stores in terms of convenience, but also in terms of revenue. This means that Amazon will have billions of dollars of new business in the next few years

according to foreign media, Amazon plans to open nearly 3000 Amazon go stores by 2021. If Amazon pursues this positive development plan, and the revenue of a single store is consistent with the estimates of RBC analysts, the annual sales of this future store business will be as high as $4.5 billion

as a retailer giant, Amazon has a strong influence both on and off the Internet. In addition, this technology giant company has the ability and technology to build some complex things, and its AWS service can also carry the required data. Therefore, these are chips for the success of Amazon's unmanned store in the near future. As for how Amazon will apply this technology after its success, it is still unknown

some people speculate that Amazon may sell to other retailers, just like selling cloud computing services to other companies

Amazon's attempt in the field of unmanned stores is attracting the attention of other competitors. According to the latest news from foreign media, Microsoft and Kroger, a century old retailer in the United States, have launched a pilot of unmanned stores, and they will compete with Amazon's cashless stores

Internet giants have joined hands with retailers, and AI new technology has promoted the restructuring of the domestic retail industry.

it is reported that this move has also deepened the cooperation between Microsoft and Kroger, which is to some extent a response to Amazon's acquisition of whole food supermarket in 2017 and its entry into grocery retail

domestically, as Tencent, Alibaba, and other Internet giants cut into offline retail on a large scale, relying on their massive data accumulation and strong data analysis and computing capabilities, they took the lead in implementing smart retail formats such as HEMA fresh, 7fresh, and super species

as another breakthrough in the scene and function of new retail, these formats integrate shopping and catering with a PC. while meeting the interactive consumption needs of customers, they can effectively increase the length of time a single customer stays in the store, and tap the value of goods again, which has become a beneficial attempt of AI application in new retail formats

since Ma Yun proposed the new retail concept in 2016, the development of new retail has experienced twists and turns in just over two years

in 2017, unmanned shelf enterprises such as Guo Xiaomei and scarlet convenience first set off a heat wave, attracting billions of capital. In the prosperous period, there were more than 40 unmanned shelf enterprises all over the country

according to iResearch consulting data, by the end of 2017, 25000 unmanned retail shelves and 200 unmanned convenience stores had been built in China

however, in just one year, the unmanned shelf was declared dead, and then with the closure of major unmanned convenience store enterprises and the collapse of their neighbors, it seems that the fate of convenience stores is not always a perfect end

from the perspective of the development of domestic unmanned retail, in the final analysis, all the beautiful imagination of unmanned convenience stores is based on mature technology. But at least for now, the technology of unmanned convenience stores has not reached the ideal state of maturity. In China, except for a few giants such as and Alibaba, those start-ups that are busy with horse racing and enclosure adopt the low recognition technology of QR code + sensor, which simply cannot achieve the shopping experience of "take it and go" like Amazon

unmanned convenience stores involve very complex cutting-edge technologies, including machine vision, AI algorithm, etc. such technologies have low maturity and high research and development costs. In the short term, it is simply impossible to replicate and open stores on a large scale, let alone obtain the dynamic information of the friction process

in addition, the consciousness of customers is also a problem that cannot be ignored. Among them, people in the retail industry said that the idea of no shelf is particularly unrealistic. If you put an open shelf full of goods in an office building and let customers pick up things by themselves, scan the code and pay for them, all on your own, then the theft rate of goods is uncontrollable and cannot be investigated. Whether everyone can abide by the invisible spirit of contract is worth pondering

with the attempts of domestic giants such as Alibaba, Tencent and to new retail, the so-called new retail outlet came, and for a time, most small and medium-sized start-ups rushed into it one after another. AI empowers new retail. After a round of new outlets, how many companies have successfully tested the water? Or a chicken feather

ai+ how the new retail model will evolve, perhaps only through the practice of the waves, can we see the win or lose

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