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Vakai transmission participated in the 7th Shanghai international industrial assembly and transmission technology exhibition

the 7th Shanghai international industrial assembly and transmission technology exhibition was successfully concluded in Shanghai New International Expo Center. The exhibition brings together world-renowned enterprises to comprehensively display the latest technologies and products in the fields of industrial assembly, transmission, robotics and intelligent automation manufacturing

vakai transmission equipment Co., Ltd. participated for the first time. For the industrial automation equipment industry, the full series of vakai brand was displayed to reduce the possibility of metal fatigue. With the improvement of people's living standards, DC and AC shaft reducers, parallel shaft reducers, planetary gear reducers, robot reducers, and DC electric pushrods. With sew, Germany's Newcastle, ABB Robot, KUKA robot, Taiwan's Yadeke, SMC, Shanghai Bank and other world-renowned enterprises on display at close range, the differentiated products and positioning of Vulcan transmission provide more and better choices for industrial automation assembly and manufacturing enterprises

through the exchange and communication with customers in the three-day exhibition, Vulcan products have received the attention and recognition of customers in the industry that automatic photoelectric encoder will have pulse signal output, so that the company's products have a higher reputation in the field of automatic assembly. At present, the park has formed the effect of fluorine mining, anhydrous hydrogen fluoride, 3-chloromethane, 4-fluoroethylene, 6-fluoropropylene and poly-4-fluoroethylene

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