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Wall materials: "eat" into construction waste "spit" out new building materials

wall materials: "eat" into construction waste "spit" out new building materials

October 29, 2014

[China paint information] construction solid waste can also "turn waste into treasure". Yesterday, it was learned from the meeting of Hunan Siwei science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. on how to sort the query results, which was held in Tianxin economic and Technological Development Zone, that the internationally advanced "new concrete cross hole chain hollow block dry masonry wall application technology" was fully put into operation in Changsha, marking the innovation of wall materials into a new era of "green and environmental economy". The company was also officially listed on the Hunan stock exchange

for a long time, solid clay bricks have been the main building wall materials in China. Clay bricks have high pollution, high energy consumption, and serious waste and destruction of arable land in the sintering process. "The design of new concrete justice the emergence of concrete cross hole interlocking hollow blocks has properly solved this contradiction." The scientific research leader of the project, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering and President of Chongqing University, zhouxuhong, introduced. This kind of hollow block takes solid building waste as raw material. After crushing and screening, it is mixed with cement, additives and other water, and then formed by vibrating machine. It can replace caproic acid and has the advantages of reducing energy consumption and saving land. The project is headquartered in Tianxin economic development zone. Four automatic block production lines and two automatic foam recovery production lines have been successively built. The utilization rate of construction solid waste is as high as 85%, with an annual output of 30million standard bricks

Li Bin, director of Hunan Provincial wall reform office, said that at present, the use of new wall material blocks accounts for about one-third of the total in Hunan. For projects and new materials that meet the national resource recycling, energy conservation and emission reduction sustainable development strategy, development and key support will be encouraged

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