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Wal Mart has made no progress in banning PVC packaging

Bentonville, Arkansas (May 17, 2010) Wal Mart group is showing results in reducing the use of plastic shopping bags with the rapid development of electro-hydraulic servo technology, electro-hydraulic proportional technology, microelectronics technology, computer technology and modern control technology, but it has not found its own brand packaging materials that can replace PVC

the retail giant, headquartered in Bentonville, Arkansas, recently released an annual progress report on sustainable development initiatives. The scope of this initiative not only covers product packaging, but also advocates improving the efficiency of its buildings and truck transport fleet, reducing the waste transported to landfills, and providing customers with more product choices to reduce their adverse impact on the environment through energy conservation, water conservation and cost reduction

in terms of plastic related packaging goals, Wal Mart said that some aspects have achieved initial results, while some aspects have not improved

Wal Mart has previously set a clear goal to reduce the average weight of plastic shopping bag waste in each chain store in the world by 33% by 2013. In 2009, Wal Mart reduced its waste by about 66.5 million pounds (about 4.8 billion plastic bags), 16.1% less than its baseline level in 2007

Wal Mart began a pilot program in January this year, providing only reusable plastic bags in its three California stores. Wal Mart said in its annual report that after these stores banned plastic bags, consumers can choose to bring their own reusable shopping bags into the store, or buy the renewable plastic bags provided by Wal Mart at the price of 15 cents. The larger renewable plastic bags cost 50 cents

the report said: we have expanded the number of stores providing 15 cent renewable plastic bags in California, and are now observing customers' reactions

according to the report, the use of plastic bags in Wal Mart stores in China has been significantly reduced, and the plastic bag waste generated by Wal Mart has plummeted by 69%

however, in terms of PVC packaging, Wal Mart said that it had not achieved its goal of canceling its own brand PVC packaging in U.S. stores by October 2007

the report said: Although we have been looking for alternative materials for PVC, we have not found materials suitable to replace PVC for over-the-counter drug packaging, anti stripping tape, metal can sealing strip and meat packaging

in order to provide customers with safety and performance guarantee, it has the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving and high cost performance over the traditional displacement retention method. Until we find new materials with comparable performance, we will continue to use PVC packaging in some products. Next, our technicians will share with you the installation and commissioning of the hydraulic universal material testing machine

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