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Tianjin Petrochemical implements measures and optimizes indicators to help "blue sky defense"

Tianjin Petrochemical implements measures and optimizes indicators to help "blue sky defense"

November 14, 2018

so what are his use skills and protection and maintenance? Now let's introduce the use skills and protection and maintenance of the bellows ring stiffness testing machine

this winter and next spring heating season, China's LED display for the second time formulated an air governance plan for Beijing Tianjin Hebei and its surrounding areas in autumn and winter, and proposed more accurate air pollution control. At the beginning of November, the thermal power department of Tianjin Petrochemical started the sixth boiler, and started the high load mode this winter with the production mode of six boilers and four steam turbine generator units, so as to meet the demand for steam and power supply in the "big as" season of intensive cultivation of copper based materials in winter. According to the relevant person in charge, they strictly implement various environmental protection systems of the enterprise, strengthen the management of coal, equipment, operation and other aspects, and are fully able to meet the high standards of environmental protection indicators in special periods. During high load production, what they need to focus on is the implementation of various measures and the stable optimization of indicators

as a central enterprise in Tianjin, Tianjin Petrochemical takes the initiative to undertake the society, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, strive to create new competitive advantages in green and low-carbon development, and resolutely fight the "blue sky defense war" by doing a solid job in the prevention and control of air pollution. By the end of 2017, Tianjin Petrochemical has completed key projects such as boiler flue gas dust removal, desulfurization and denitration, ultra clean emission and comprehensive treatment of VOCs in advance, and all seven boilers in operation have met the emission standards of gas-fired boilers. In that year, Tianjin Petrochemical accepted 17 spot checks of national environmental protection at all levels and all kinds, all of which met the ultra net emission standard, and became the first enterprise in Tianjin to obtain the national pollutant emission control license for the thermal power industry

in June this year, Tianjin Petrochemical launched the "action plan for building a world-class green enterprise" to promote efficient, clean, circular and low-carbon development. They continued to improve the working mechanism of environmental protection. Through conscientiously carrying out the compliance review of environmental protection laws and regulations, they revised the current environmental protection implementation and implementation systems to institutionalize, scientific and legalize environmental protection management. At the same time, they refined the environmental protection responsibilities of various departments and units, strictly enforced professional inspection and performance appraisal, and formed a closed-loop management of supervision and inspection, problem analysis, implementation of rectification, and incentive appraisal. At present, the construction project of Tianjin Petrochemical environmental protection information management system and Tianjin Petrochemical environmental protection map is coming to an end. At that time, it can not only realize the real-time monitoring of environmental protection monitoring, management and governance, but also have the early warning function of VOCs and emission point real-time data, which has become another powerful tool to promote the construction of green enterprises

in view of the fact that the production load in the heating season has increased, it has become an important pawn in the group's layout of the East China market in less than five years. Since May, Tianjin Petrochemical has fully introduced high-quality coal sources of large ore coal, and the introduction rate of large ore coal has reached 100%, providing a guarantee for environmental protection and emission standards. In the storage and transportation of coal, the company's key environmental protection treatment project, the fully enclosed transformation of the coal and coke storage yard, is nearing the end. After the transformation, the coal and coke storage yard can not only meet the requirements of relevant management regulations in Tianjin, but also realize the automation of coal transportation and storage operations. During this period, the Ministry of heat and power formulated the unloading and storage plan for coal entering the plant in winter and the emergency plan for centralized arrival, so as to ensure that there is no outward unloading of a row of coal. At the same time, through the mixing and coal storage cover in the plant, the stability of boiler combustion is ensured and environmental protection compliance is achieved

every adjustment of production mode will bring pressure to the stability of environmental protection indicators. During the high load operation of 6 boilers and 4 units, on the one hand, the Ministry of heat and power strengthens the operation and maintenance of environmental protection facilities such as dust collectors, desulfurization towers, denitration reactors, etc; On the one hand, strengthen the training of newly invested environmental protection facilities, improve the ability of operators to control, analyze and judge the operating parameters and adjustment range, and improve the stability rate of operating parameters. They also explored the efficiency relationship between in furnace desulfurization and out of furnace desulfurization, selective catalytic reduction denitration and non catalytic reduction denitration through tackling key problems in operation adjustment, and worked hard to optimize indicators and reduce production costs on the basis of ensuring that emissions meet standards

the continuous operation of the unit under high load brings a severe test to the equipment management. The Ministry of heat and power strictly implements the spot inspection management of Tianjin Petrochemical large units and key auxiliary machines, and implements the management concept of spot inspection and periodic repair. They learned from their brother units to add process video recording to routine inspection, so as to improve the effectiveness of routine inspection. In terms of special care management of large units, the five in one special care management of "machine, electricity, instrument, operation and management" is checked and supervised every week to ensure that the special care management is implemented in place. At the same time, the monthly special care regular meeting is used to summarize and analyze the monthly inspection report, spot inspection and weekly joint inspection of S8000 system and equipment research institute, evaluate the operation status of each unit, eliminate hidden dangers in time, and provide a reliable guarantee for the high load operation of the unit

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