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Tianjin Petrochemical ultra low density polyethylene opens the market

on October 30, the developers of Tianjin Petrochemical olefin Department completed the tensile and compressive mechanical property test of the sample in a film manufacturer in Shandong Province. The manufacturer conducted the production and application test on the new product tjvl-1210 of ultra life suspension line 1 low density polyethylene. The test process was smooth, and the manufacturer was very satisfied with the product. It not only placed an order of 40 tons on the spot, but also expressed its willingness to cooperate for a long time. This marks the successful opening of the market for this new product, which lays the foundation for further seizing the high-end market. Those high-energy consumption products that can not achieve green energy conservation and can control the gas flow through the box are (5000 ± 500) l/min

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