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Tianjin Nangang will build a trillion petrochemical base

"Tianjin plans to spend 15 years, invest 800 billion yuan, build more than 200 key projects, and form a sales revenue of 100 billion yuan, so as to build Tianjin Nangang industrial zone into a world-class national petrochemical industrial base and circular economy demonstration Park." Recently, Zhang Dongsheng, director of Tianjin Petrochemical planning office and deputy director of the Management Committee of Tianjin Economic and Technological Development Zone (Nangang Industrial Zone), told

according to the development plan of Tianjin municipal government, during the "12th Five Year Plan" period, the petrochemical industry will increase investment by 400billion yuan, increase the total industrial output value by 400billion yuan, and stimulate the investment of 100billion yuan in surrounding areas and related industries. By 2015, the total output value of petrochemical industry with input environmental parameters in Tianjin will exceed 800billion yuan, and the total profit and tax will exceed 160billion yuan

Tianjin petrochemical base has taken shape. At present, many large-scale petrochemical projects such as oil refining and ethylene have gathered in Tianjin. Tianjin National Petroleum strategic reserve base, Sinopec LNG project, China Russia Dongfang Petrochemical ten million ton oil refining and other heavy petrochemical projects are stepping up the construction. During the Eleventh Five Year Plan period, an investment of 200 billion yuan has been invested, and a number of major projects have been completed, including 12.5 million tons of oil refining, 1.0 million tons of ethylene, 1.5 million tons of PVC, 500000 tons of styrene, 400000 tons of ABS, 450000 tons of phenol/acetone. In 2010, the crude oil extraction reached 36million tons, the refining capacity exceeded 22million tons, and the ethylene production capacity was 1.2 million tons

the Tianjin municipal government positioned Nangang industrial zone as a world-class heavy chemical industry base, built a heavy chemical industry production base with petrochemical industry, metallurgy and equipment manufacturing as the core, and participated in the world heavy chemical industry competition

not only that, "During the 12th Five Year Plan period, Tianjin's petrochemical industry will invest an additional 400billion yuan, focusing on the construction of 10 million ton crude oil reserves, 10 million ton oil refining, and 10 million ton new chemical materials projects. There are already 200 billion yuan investment projects in place, and another 200 billion yuan investment project is actively carrying out preliminary work." Zhang Dongsheng said that the above major investment projects mainly include: China Russia joint venture 13 million tons of large-scale oil refining with an investment of 36.6 billion yuan, the 6.4 million tons national crude oil reserve with an investment of 10 billion yuan, and the Sinopec commercial reserve with a dinner after the event; China Datang Group's "hydropower, steam, gas and pollution" integrated utility island with an investment of 36billion yuan

in addition, the 600000 ton propane dehydrogenation to propylene project of Bohai Chemical Group with an investment of 4 billion yuan, the 5million ton LNG project of Sinopec Group with an investment of 14 billion yuan, the 260000 ton non phosgene polycarbonate and 400000 ton bisphenol a project of China Saudi Arabia joint venture with an investment of 18 billion yuan, etc

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