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Tianjin shut down 9081! Xiaoshan shut down 487 homes! Thousands of enterprises in Sichuan were forced to shut down at the end of December! Price increase is no longer the key point. The key is to have goods

Tianjin shut down 9081 homes! Xiaoshan shut down 487 homes! Thousands of enterprises in Sichuan were forced to shut down at the end of December! Price increase is no longer the key point. The key is to have goods!, Paint,

Tianjin shut down 9081 homes! Xiaoshan shut down 487 homes! Thousands of enterprises in Sichuan were forced to shut down at the end of December! Price increase is no longer the key point. The key is to have goods

On November 15, 2017

October 31, 2017, Sichuan Province officially issued the Sichuan blue sky defense action plan (year) (hereinafter referred to as the plan). In less than 20 days, relevant departments in Sichuan have successively issued a number of special measures to control air pollution. Unlike previous policies, the policies and regulations clearly set the final shutdown time for scattered pollution enterprises

there is only two months left for the scattered pollution enterprises.

for the "scattered pollution" industrial enterprises that are closed according to law, joint law enforcement must be carried out, and "two breaks and three cleanings" must be achieved by December 30, 2017. For the "scattered pollution" industrial enterprises that are rectified and standardized, they should be urged to implement rectification according to the environmental protection standards, improve the relevant procedures, and be allowed to produce normally after being accepted and approved by the local region (city) and county governments before December 30, 2017. For industrial enterprises relocated to the park, a detailed work plan will be formulated before December 30, 2017. Chengdu has a clear-cut attitude towards the remediation of "scattered and polluted" industrial enterprises: it will strengthen inspection and supervision, ensure that the closed enterprises do not rebound within the specified time limit, that the rectification of the rectified enterprises is in place, and that the enterprises transferred to the park are carried out in an orderly manner according to the work plan, so as to ensure that there is no new "scattered and polluted" industrial enterprises, and that there is no "resurgence" event

9081 enterprises in Tianjin were cut off from water and power, and their equipment was emptied

the labor volume and construction period in Beijing have been reduced by about 2/3. Tianjin and Hebei are not only the hardest hit area of air pollution, but also the main battlefield of air pollution prevention and control. On October 31, the heads of the environmental protection departments (bureaus) of the three provinces and cities made a collective appearance at the regular press conference of the Ministry of environmental protection for the first time, introducing to the media the relevant situation of the comprehensive air pollution control actions of the three provinces and cities from 2017 to 2018 in autumn and winter

according to the Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, we will be able to build a lighter spatial structure. According to Wen wurui, director of Tianjin Environmental Protection Bureau, and Gao Jianmin, director of Hebei Environmental Protection Department, the three provinces and cities continue to maintain a high pressure on environmental violations

Tianjin and Hebei Province have strictly held accountable for ineffective haze control. So far, 2977 people have been held accountable in the two provinces and cities, including 28 leaders at the Department and bureau level

78 people in Hebei Province were dismissed, dismissed and demoted. In addition, 42 Party organizations were held accountable in Hebei Province. At the same time, 133459 "messy and dirty" enterprises were renovated in the three provinces and cities

19081 "scattered pollution" enterprises all cut off water and power supply

according to Fang Li, focusing on the cleaning and remediation of "scattered pollution" enterprises, Beijing continues to promote the pollution control and emission reduction of industrial enterprises. We carried out a special action to ease, rectify and promote the improvement, and accelerated the clean-up and rectification of "scattered pollution" enterprises. 6005 "scattered pollution" enterprises in the city have all been written off

"the Tianjin municipal Party committee and government took the opportunity of centralized rectification and ban of 'scattered pollution' enterprises to force the upgrading of industrial structure and planning layout, and comprehensively deepen the reform of supply side structure." Wen wurui revealed that after B. sample data: providing users with all the sample data set for repeated screening and review, a total of 18954 "messy" enterprises were found in Tianjin

among them, 9081 enterprises with violations of laws and regulations and hopeless treatment have all implemented the measures of "two interruptions and three cleanings" (i.e. water supply, power supply, raw materials, products and equipment)

of the 6967 in-situ renovation and 2906 moved into the park, all have been "stopped first and then treated". In accordance with the principle of "one treatment, one cancellation, one resumption of production, and one supervision", comprehensively accelerate the promotion of governance and renovation, ensure that the in-situ renovation task is completed within the year, and the relocation task is fully completed in 2018

among the three provinces and cities, Hebei Province has the largest number of "scattered pollution" enterprises. Gao Jianmin said that Hebei Province has renovated 108500 "scattered pollution" enterprises without treatment facilities or with simple treatment facilities

he said that through rectification, enterprises that have not been included in the statistical scope for many years, with extensive management and even direct emission have been effectively controlled, greatly reducing the actual emissions of various pollutants

the environmental law enforcement efforts of the three provinces and cities are unprecedented.

for fixed pollution sources, Beijing has successively organized and carried out "100 day special environmental law enforcement", "full-time law enforcement" and other actions to strengthen seamless, all-weather law enforcement. At the same time, give full play to the role of "environmental protection police"

According to Fang Li, from January to October this year, the Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Department filed 4232 cases of punishment for fixed pollution sources, with a penalty amount of 161.584 million yuan, an increase of 83% and 77% year-on-year respectively

Beijing implemented the new environmental protection law and investigated and dealt with 724 major environmental violations, including 4 consecutive daily punishments, 590 closure cases, 10 production suspension and production restriction cases, 120 transfer and detention cases, 41 suspected environmental pollution crimes transferred to public security organs, and severely cracked down on and exposed environmental violations

in accordance with the requirements of "horizontal to the edge, vertical to the end, leaving no dead corners, leaving no blind spots", Hebei Province has carried out patrol law enforcement and cross law enforcement, and adopted a combination of "open and dark inspection, day and night inspection". Gao Jianmin said that Hebei Province has sent 35000 law enforcement inspectors (Times), and the original standard distance of inspection enterprise 3 l0:100 mm 180000 (Times)

6220 environmental problems were found, 640 cases of environmental violations of administrative penalties were filed, 66 enterprises were ordered to stop production, 2 illegal enterprises were banned, 1 illegal enterprise with limited production was transferred to the public security organ

this year, Tianjin has dispatched a total of 2.058 million law enforcement personnel, inspected 1.316 million enterprises, and fined 249 million yuan, nearly three times the amount of the same period last year; At the same time, 42 criminal cases of environmental pollution were cracked, and 119 suspect were arrested; 26 administrative cases were investigated and dealt with, and 31 violators were dealt with

recently, the prices of domestic hardware, metals, coal, steel, chemical raw materials, stainless steel and other raw materials have risen to no friends, resulting in the rising production costs of enterprises. In order to alleviate the operating pressure, various industries have to issue a notice of product price hikes, and the phenomenon of hard to find goods is getting worse

most manufacturers do not report the price increase, which is no longer the focus of attention, but the high price is also difficult to find sources of goods. Many production and processing enterprises are already in the state of semi operation, and dare not accept orders

487 sanitary ware enterprises in Xiaoshan have been shut down

the sanitary ware industry in Xiaoshan is undergoing major renovation. According to the implementation opinions on the rectification and improvement of "low, small and scattered" industries in Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou, the number of sanitary ware enterprises in the region will be controlled below 150 through optimization and reorganization. It is reported that as of November 5, 526 sanitary ware enterprises in the region have passed the acceptance (review) Among them, 28 enterprises have passed the preliminary review of materials, 10 enterprises are pending further rectification and review, and another one is a wholly-owned Russian enterprise applying for acceptance, and other enterprises will be shut down

price increase is no longer the key, the key is to have goods

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