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Tianjin Petrochemical exported 3000 tons of pure benzene for the first time

recently, Tianjin Petrochemical exported 3000 tons of pure benzene products to Taiwan, China. This is the first time that pure benzene products of Tianjin Petrochemical have been exported. Table 3 trademark and corresponding performance of Jinfa technology thin-walled materials

since this year, in the face of the severe domestic chemical market, Tianjin Petrochemical has adjusted its marketing ideas and focused on the international market. In October, after receiving the relevant information that the pure benzene products of Sinopec Chemical sales company can be exported for more than 100000 times, Tianjin Petrochemical actively strengthened the communication and coordination with Tianjin Development Zone Customs, Nanjiang wharf and other relevant units, and finally opened up the whole export process

market collaboration further improved modified plastics

Tianjin Petrochemical will continue to expand the export of pure benzene products in the next step, and strive to export 6000 ~ 9000 tons every two months in the near future. The second batch of pure benzene products will be exported to Taiwan in late December

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