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Tianjin Petrochemical successfully developed high-end polypropylene

Tianjin Petrochemical successfully developed transparency and thermoformability comparable to imported similar products gb1499.2 ⑵ 007/xg1-2009 steel for reinforced concrete Part 2: hot rolled ribbed steel bars, National Standard No. 1 amendment; Super high transparent thermoformed polypropylene high-end special material comparable to the product, and the product delivery procedures were started on May 23. 50 tons of t5015m new products with beautiful appearance and transparent color will be sent to two users for trial

Tianjin Petrochemical successfully developed high-end polypropylene

the polypropylene unit with an annual output of 60000 tons is a "small man" in the industry. Tianjin Petrochemical ≤ 500mm 1 gives full play to its characteristics of small production capacity and high operation level, and aims at the domestic high-end market to compete with imported products

in 2014, t5015, a sag resistant and highly transparent polypropylene special material for thermoforming developed by Tianjin Petrochemical, was put into industrial production. This product fills the gap of this kind of products in China, and its various quality indicators meet and partially exceed the performance of similar foreign products. Once listed, it has successfully entered KFC, McDonald's, Starbucks and other well-known enterprises. After several years of large-scale production, the technicians of the olefin Department learned during their visit to end users that among the products for this purpose, some domestic products have better processing performance, which can significantly reduce production costs. Based on this, the Ministry of olefins and the research institute decided to develop and produce upgraded t5015m new products. Many regular customers showed strong interest in fatigue experiments, which were widely used in aerospace, automotive, shipbuilding, metallurgy, construction and other industries. A large group immediately made an appointment for the test after hearing the news

since the transparency of the new product t5015m is fully twice that of the previous t5015, it is difficult to produce. Therefore, the olefin Department of Tianjin petrochemical works with the research institute to understand the special needs of users for products. According to the t5015m additive formula requirements, a new and efficient catalyst is adopted to ensure that the resin has excellent comprehensive performance and meets the positive and negative pressure processing mode

in order to ensure that the process between the trial production of new products is very troublesome, and this is the process of the user. It also needs to pay a certain amount of money to start and eliminate successfully, the olefin Department has made many detailed modifications and improvements to the production plan, formulated a weekly response plan for possible abnormal conditions in the production process, and strictly controlled the key indicators through careful analysis and fine setting of each process data and time node, Only then can this t5015m new product be successfully produced at one time

the t5015m new product produced this time, because its domestic similar products mainly rely on imports, the market demand is good, and the ton product is nearly 500 yuan higher than the general material, which has good economic benefits. Next, the olefin department will continuously improve and perfect its performance according to user feedback, so as to create benefits for the enterprise as soon as possible

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