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Demand has not decreased supply mode of mineral resources needs to be adjusted demand has not decreased supply mode of mineral resources needs to be adjusted China Construction machinery information at present, the steady growth of China's economy means that the protection of bulk mineral products is still needed, and there are still markets for iron, copper, aluminum and other resources. Although it will be reduced through capacity adjustment, the total demand is still considerable. A few days ago, at the 2016 Symposium of geological exploration directors of China Geological and mineral economics society, pengqiming, chief engineer of the Ministry of land and resources, believed that the total demand for mineral resources in China has not decreased, and the development space is still huge, but the demand structure has changed, and the supply mode needs to be adjusted. Pengqiming pointed out that from the perspective of mineral resources protection, China's demand for various mineral products will continue to reach its peak, but it will remain high for quite a long time. Among them, the level of industrialization and urbanization in the less developed western regions should be raised to the level of the eastern regions, and there is a huge demand for minerals and raw materials. From the perspective of resources, with the increasing difficulty of prospecting, for the traditional fields of the mineral exploration industry, the investment in obtaining the same amount of mineral products is larger, the requirements are higher and higher, and they are faced with more arduous tasks. Only by constantly improving themselves can they adapt to the demand and competition. From the perspective of mining industry support, although the mining industry is at a trough, it does not mean that it is a sunset industry. The mining industry in Western China is still an important part of the recent local social development. Therefore, it is required that the temperature of the main engine should be considered as an important support as a whole. Transforming the resource advantage into economic advantage is an important way for the economic development of many regions, as is the case in many parts of the world. There is a great demand for mineral products. Mineral exploration is still an arduous task that the appearance and service performance of long-term samples can not be affected, Only by improving quality, increasing efficiency and upgrading can we meet the new requirements. From the perspective of the demand growth trend in the field of social services, with the industrial transformation, a large number of emerging strategic industries and related service industries will be formed, which puts forward new and higher requirements for geological work and also produces new service fields

the electric control system of Pengqi high frequency fatigue test bench believes that under the new normal of China's economy, people's livelihood projects, poverty alleviation projects, major project construction, etc. have put forward new requirements and demands for geological work, and the purchase of services will increase, which is an important opportunity for the development of geological exploration units. In recent years, many geological exploration units have carried out practice in urban geology, agricultural geology, disaster geology, environmental geology, marine geology, and military geology proposed by the armed police environmental forces. The above fields have shown huge market demand. Therefore, we should deeply understand the laws and characteristics of geological work throughout the process of national economic development. Regardless of the market, basic work should not be relaxed, but also strengthened

the geological exploration market needs to be adjusted and upgraded

pengqiming believes that the development of geological exploration comes from two aspects. First, there is still a demand for geological work in traditional fields in the process of steady economic growth, but it needs to improve quality, increase efficiency and upgrade. Second, the emerging strategic industries will bring new demands and have a wide range of services. With the liberalization of the market, the increase of investors, the reform of the ways to obtain resources and the system and mechanism, many situations have changed. These changes directly affect the geological prospecting units and bring opportunities to them. At the same time, most of the emerging strategic industries are material intensive industries, of which a considerable number of digital display models can also achieve the testing of the above experiments, and part of the demand comes from mineral resources. Now lithium prices are rising rapidly. Graphene and other resources have been identified as strategic resources and are being developed. What we usually call geological work first is to evaluate these resources in advance. At present, the problem of resource supply of emerging materials is more prominent, which is the weakness of industrial development

pengqiming stressed that with the economic development entering the new normal, mineral exploration should change from extensive to fine mode, and fine is reflected in accounting, including economic accounts, ecological accounts and people's livelihood accounts. From the operational level, the factors that need to be considered have increased, and the difficulties have increased. We should come up with new methods as soon as possible. Therefore, to change the concept, we can not say that prospecting is iron, copper, aluminum and gold, and habitually points to metal ores. In fact, many non-metallic materials may be more important than metals. Especially in emerging strategic industries, many new materials are not metal materials, but non-metallic materials, and the market price is also high. However, these non-metallic materials also have high requirements for processing technology and process, which is the development direction of emerging strategic industries. All geological prospecting units have such opportunities. The key is whether you can be competent, do a good job, and become a new industry

pengqiming said that China's geological prospecting market demand is still strong, but it needs to be adjusted and upgraded to adapt to the new structure. Among them, green development will not only form a forced mechanism for geological exploration, but also bring new opportunities to the geological exploration industry. For the field of mineral resources, the development and protection should rise to a new height and build a higher threshold. Green exploration and green mining do not mean not to develop mining, but to use new ideas and new standards to guide industrial development

at present, the price of lithium ore is rising rapidly. Graphene has become a strategic resource and is being developed more vigorously. China's total demand for mineral resources has not decreased, and the development space is still huge, but the demand structure has changed, and the supply mode needs to be adjusted

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