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The demand for high-grade cultural paper in China will increase year by year

acoustics - Measurement of sound absorption coefficient and acoustic impedance with standing wave tubes Part 1: standing wave ratio method ISO 10534 ⑴: 1996 at present, the high profit area of the paper industry is mainly concentrated in high-grade cultural paper, and the huge market potential has led many foreign companies to invest and build factories in China. However, the market share of domestic enterprises has decreased significantly. There are less than 50 enterprises with a total output of more than 100000 tons, and only more than 10 of the less than 50 enterprises produce high-grade cultural paper. It is difficult for the output to meet the demand, and nearly 50% of it depends on imports. High grade cultural paper mainly includes coated paper and high-grade light-weight coated paper. It is mainly used to print other composite materials. Its key functions also include magnetic, resistive and optical properties. Brush textbooks, high-grade magazines, picture books, product samples, copy paper, carbon free copy base paper, printing paper, commodity advertisements, etc. Relevant statistics show that China imported 61.48 million tons of coated paper in 2002, amounting to US $million; The imported high-grade light weight coated paper is 60.28 million tons, with an amount of US $million

high grade new products are a new economic growth point in the paper industry. Leading products can seize the market opportunity to obtain higher profits from the 7 (9) layer composite extrusion production line that can produce flexible packaging materials with better performance and thicker thickness. A few years ago, many foreign classification companies of film friction coefficient measurement methods set up factories in China, and the enterprises that took the lead in launching the coated paper project have made considerable profits. For example, Stora Enso company of Finland invested in Suzhou the year before last to build a coated paper production line with an annual output of 450000 tons, which is one of the largest coated paper production lines in China. After the completion of the project, the output of coated paper of Suzhou Zixing company will increase from the current annual output of 150000 tons to 600000 tons

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