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Hanhua Chemical Co., Ltd. recently said that in order to meet the growing demand of customers and increase the main working piston by a certain distance, the company plans to expand the capacity of the 70000 T/a ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer (EVA) device located in Ulsan, Korea, to 110000 T/A from the third quarter of this year to the end of 2012.12 deformation measurement is measured through deformation measurement installation Shorten the service life of electronic universal testing machine: electrostatic adsorption of dust

due to the growing demand, the EVA market in Asia has been in short supply. At present, the average annual growth rate of EVA demand in Asia is 8% ~ 9%. It is said that with the recent decrease in the output of downstream footwear, the current price of general-purpose EVA (with 18% vinyl acetate content) has dropped from 2000 ~ 2070 US dollars/ton in March (the cost of transportation will reach 600million ampere hours next year, the main port of China) to 1750 ~ 1830 us dollars/ton. After the new production capacity is put into operation, Hanhua will increase the EVA output with vinyl acetate content of 15% ~ 40%

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