The hottest demand for plastic packaging in Shenya

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Shenyang has a huge demand for plastic packaging

at the investment promotion conference in Dadong District of Shenyang, which has just ended, Shenyang will create a "Plastic Industrial Park" in Dadong District. Its completion will bring new vitality and vigor to Shenyang's plastics and packaging industry

this investment promotion meeting is full of good stories and good news. Especially at the investment promotion conference of the plastic industrial park, the atmosphere was even more enthusiastic: the ratio of friction force (f) to the normal force (f) added to the test piece: five investment projects, including nano plastic, degradable plastic and breathable membrane technology, have been signed by businessmen from South Korea and Hong Kong. There are many bright spots in the planned "Plastic Industrial Park" that deserve people's attention f0+ F1 (n), which makes many investors interested. The imminent "Plastic Industrial Park" will add a beautiful scenery to Shenyang's manufacturing industry

although the plastic industry in Shenyang has developed for nearly half a century, it seems that there was little chance to create a big "article" in this metropolis known for its equipment manufacturing industry. However, the industrial scale of its more than 300 enterprises and the annual sales revenue of nearly 3billion yuan still cannot be underestimated. Especially at the end of the last century, Shenyang Jinde, an aluminum and plastic manufacturing enterprise known as the first in Asia in terms of production, was born. It not only added color to Shenyang in its great development, but also filled the gap in such plastic products in China, so that people once again saw the great charm of the plastic industry in Shenyang's great development. In fact, as early as a few years ago, Zhuhai Zhongfu group, a giant in the domestic plastic packaging industry, had paid special attention to the big market of Shenyang. Although they had no idea at that time, it was enough to show the courage of the rich and middle-class people in Zhuhai to invest a large amount of money to build a factory in shenxingye. In just a few years, the economic development and changes of Shenyang and the improvement of investment environment and service measures have impressed the rich and middle-aged in Zhuhai. With the establishment of a number of joint ventures and cooperative enterprises in the Development Zone, especially the rapid development of a number of large beverage production and food processing enterprises such as "Coca Cola" and "uni president", the production scale of Shenyang Zhongfu company has been gradually expanded, and its pace of plastic packaging supporting processing is accelerating with the development of the above enterprises. Through the joint efforts of Chinese and foreign scientific research institutions, a new plastic packaging bottle will soon be introduced to the world, and the glass packaging bottle will be replaced by it. This marks the rise of an innovative revolution in plastic products, and will also bring new opportunities and challenges to Shenyang's plastic industry

when people mentioned "how much is the demand for plastic packaging in Shenyang?" When, The experimental results of the Shenyang plastic line are more accurate than the digital display box. You Guili, President of the industry association, said: "Only 'Coca Cola' and Shenyang China Resources Snow Beer in Shenyang need 100000 sets of turnover boxes every year; the annual demand for plastic packaging materials of food production and processing enterprises such as Shenyang uni president Food Co., Ltd., Shenyang Dairy Co., Ltd. and Shenyang Dingxin Food Co., Ltd. is also more than 80000 tons; and a number of large electronic enterprises such as' LG Electronics', 'Panasonic battery' and 'Sanbao computer' in Shenyang need of plastic accessories and shells every year And so on, about 30000 tons; Shenyang's automobile manufacturing industry needs about 50000 tons of plastic parts every year; In addition, with the development of Shenyang's real estate industry in recent years, 100000 tons of pipelines, pipes, pipe fittings, plastic building materials, decorative plates, etc. required by its development enterprises, construction projects, advertising decoration and decoration industries will be required; If other industries are added, such as agricultural greenhouse film, mulch film, household and environmental friendly convenience bags, garbage bags, etc., the annual demand for plastic packaging materials and products in Shenyang will be more than 300000 tons. ". In Shenyang's growing economic circle, the plastic packaging industry is growing into a brand-new industrial chain and will play a more active role in people's daily life

today, with the increasingly fierce market competition, the Dadong District Government of Shenyang has seized this business opportunity and jointly planned to create a comprehensive plastic industrial park integrating the production, processing, trade, logistics of plastic products and plastic packaging, as well as the research and development of new products and new technologies, based in the northeast and radiating across the country, More effectively implement the optimization of resource mix, further improve the production concentration of plastic products, enhance market competitiveness and expand market share, so as to achieve a larger industrial scale and form a heavier industrial chain

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