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Servo control demand broke out in the "13th five year plan" towards a scale of 100 billion

servo control, also known as motion control, is a general term for controlling the precise positioning, speed and other motion elements of machine equipment. CITIC Securities believes that servo control, as the growth beam of industrial control automation, the corresponding output is the electromechanical positive rotation sub industry, with good growth and large import substitution space

policies promote the development of the industry

in a series of intelligent manufacturing related policies issued recently, the localization breakthrough of core components is the key, and servo motor + driver bear the brunt. For example, in the robot industry development plan (year) released in april2016, it is emphasized to break through the technical barriers of five key components, such as special servo motors and drivers for high-performance robots, and high-speed and high-performance controllers, so as to break the long-term dependence on imports in this field

with the release of the made in China 2025 plan and the beginning of the 13th five year plan, local governments have issued relevant planning rules. For example, Guangdong, a major manufacturing province, is expected to have an output value of more than 400billion yuan by 2020 for high-end equipment industries such as robots, high-end CNC machine tools and intelligent special equipment

therefore, the clamping force of the sample will change with wear

the import and export of the 13th five year plan will increase at the same time, and the import and export of the customs special supervision area will fall towards the scale of 100 billion

servo control is an overall system and solution, and the core components include controller, servo motor and driver. The system integrator carries out design and programming, auxiliary parts assembly, installation and commissioning according to customer requirements, and the business volume is usually 2.5 times that of core components. The current servo control product + system integration market is about 65billion yuan, which is expected to double to more than 130billion yuan by 2020

in the next few years, the machine will adopt test4.0 full digital closed-loop control system for control and measurement. From the product point of view, the high-end and sophisticated categories such as servo driver, motor and encoder are expected to maintain a market growth rate of more than 20%; From the perspective of application industry, robots and electronic manufacturing equipment are the downstream with the fastest demand growth, and the growth rate is expected to remain above 25%. Numerical control of large-scale equipment such as machine tools and plastic machines and large consumption related equipment such as food packaging machinery are expected to maintain a growth rate of more than 15%, ensuring a compound growth rate of about 15% in the overall market

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