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Demand hasn't started. Inventory is concentrated in traders. Plastics is expected to rebound in the second quarter.

recently, we conducted a series of research interviews on the domestic polypropylene industry chain. On the whole, the demand for plastic terminals has not yet started, and it will soon be after the Lantern Festival. Before that, the market experienced a wave of replenishment, mainly involving traders. For the future, the market generally believes that there may be a correction in the short term, but the petrochemical overhaul in April may drive the rebound in the second quarter

1. Large downstream processing and trading enterprises in South China: at present, there are a large number of petrochemical inventories, and in early March, the source of goods from Huangpu port was about 10000 tons. However, there were few goods released from the upstream, and the workers from the downstream factories had not returned, so the overall construction was insufficient. At present, the market transaction is positive. What I see is mainly from the circulation of trading companies. At the end of the month, I will bill for the completion of the plan. Therefore, at present, it is only the transfer of inventory without final consumption. Sales were good at the end of February, and there are signs of decline recently. As for the fact that petrochemicals still raise the ex factory quotation in the current situation of rising inventory pressure, it is believed that on the one hand, the liquidity is released after the interest rate cut, and there is a power to do more in the whole commodity market; on the other hand, petrochemical enterprises feel that the downstream procurement is strengthened. At present, the judgment conditions for the future market trend are not mature, and it is necessary to pay more attention to the market transactions after the petrochemical price increase. Therefore, at this stage, we are cautious about the future market

in the near future, the downstream is actively taking goods, continuing the stock market before the festival. The downstream rework situation this year is better than that in previous years. The main reason is that some factories have orders in hand and their profits are locked. Therefore, they actively receive goods without fear of price fluctuations and time cycles. On the whole, they are optimistic about the future market. On the macro level, they are strongly optimistic about the economic situation in the United States and have more views on the European economy. In terms of the industrial chain, crude oil has bottomed out, and raw olefins are taking a long view. In addition, the maintenance began to increase in March, and the downstream demand has improved. It is judged that there may be a further rebound or even reversal in the future market

2. Medium sized traders in South China: the market transaction situation is good in the next few trading days. Despite the price rise, petrochemical enterprises and import sources are restricted from issuing orders. In fact, the supply of goods in the market is relatively limited, and downstream enterprises actively purchase. Before the festival, traders and downstream enterprises were generally bearish on the post festival market, and the market performance was significantly better than expected, leading to the fact that most traders and downstream manufacturers were still in a state of being empty at the current stage

in the future, the increasing global sports events in the short term will drive the demand for sportswear. As the market rises too fast and the wait-and-see atmosphere in the market intensifies, the transaction activity may decline, but this does not mean that the market will fall immediately. As for the medium-term market, the demand has gradually improved after the start of downstream construction. In addition, many people who have failed are still concerned about the market trend and waiting for the opportunity to intervene. In addition, the large-scale overhaul of Maoming Petrochemical has a great impact on the market supply in South China. It is expected that the market in the second quarter is still optimistic

specifications for foundation dynamic characteristic test gb/t 50269 ⑼ 7 3. Large downstream processing and trading enterprises in East China: the transaction situation in the spot market is OK. At present, the inventory is basically normal and there is no intention to stock up. Except for some goods prepared before the year, there are not many goods available at present, and the downstream has just begun to rework. From the rising logic of this wave of market, it is mainly that the rebound of oil price drives the downstream equipment. 3. There are high impact resistance, high heat resistance, flame retardancy, reinforcement, transparency and other levels; Goods plus speculative stock, the resonance between futures and spot has pushed the price rebound. As for the judgment of the future market, there is no great contradiction between supply and demand at present. In March, we mainly focused on the downstream acceptance of price rise. If there is obvious resistance to market price rise in the downstream, there may be an accumulation process of more inventory, which will have an impact on the price

4. Shandong medium-sized traders: the recent market transaction situation is good. At present, there are still a few stock manufacturers in Qingdao to replace hydraulic oil. Most of them are used as soon as they are purchased. There is a wave of stock market before the festival. In the downstream, the production of industrial packaging film has started. Due to the loose macro monetary policy, the rebound of oil prices and other factors, there has been a wave of speculation. The rise of futures prices drives the rise of spot prices, which makes the time cycle of spot prices advance

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