The hottest demand for mobile phone panel is boomi

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The latest research of WitsView shows that due to the strong demand for panels, the prices of medium and low-end panels have risen for three consecutive quarters. In addition, the demand for medium and high-end FHD models has also strengthened in the short term, resulting in an upward trend in the prices of FHD cells. It is estimated that the demand for the whole line of panels will remain strong by the end of this year, and the panel prices will remain at a relatively high level

fanboyu, senior research manager of WitsView, said that since this year, the panel supply has been successively affected by the closing of some production lines of panel factories, the earthquake and the adjustment of product sales strategies of panel factories, resulting in the reduction of available production capacity. However, the demand has reversed the downturn in the past two years, showing great growth momentum, especially in the Chinese market, resulting in the imbalance between supply and demand

since the third quarter, the demand for large-size panels has increased, further compressing the supply capacity, resulting in a substantial increase in panel prices. The price of 5-inch HD cell panel has reached us$4 in September. It is estimated that there will be a chance to move towards us$5 in October, and September 5. The price of the 5-inch FHD cell panel has also stabilized at us$6~7. Under the condition that AMOLED is out of stock and the brand factory has transferred part of its demand back to LTPS FHD models, it is estimated that there is still room for increase before the end of the year

fan Boyu pointed out that the price of the overall panel market has maintained a strong growth momentum for three consecutive quarters under the condition of short supply. Then there will be a time point of adjustment in the market. The FHD model will depend on the time of mass production of the new LTPS capacity, and the HD model will depend on the official use of the Chinese panel factory. 8. Time schedule of mass production panel of generation 5

due to the lack of preheating and unstable indication of the 5 equipment to be inspected and the standardizer originally scheduled to be mass produced in succession this year, the time schedule of the new LTPS production line has been deferred, and it is expected to focus on the large-scale production from the end of this year to the beginning of next year, which will increase the supply of medium and high-level FHD models. However, the Chinese panel plant plans to burn at the end of this year without polluting smoke and dust. The 5th generation line officially mass produces HD models, and many new capacities will cast new variables on panel supply

on the other hand, with the overall growth momentum of the smart market slowing down, AMOLED has become more and more visible in the market. WitsView estimates that the market penetration of AMOLED is expected to approach 30% in 2017, which will continue to compress the space of traditional TFT-LCD. Therefore, after leading the end of 2017, the panel market will gradually face the risk of oversupply, and the pressure of price reversal may rise sharply

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