Rheinland egger furniture factory shopping frenzy

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Rheinland egger furniture factory internal purchase Festival on April 25 has come to a perfect end. With the support of consumers, Rheinland egger has the motivation to do better

Rheinland egger should first say a word of thanks to all customers. Although the furniture factory Shopping Festival on April 25 has come to a perfect end, we still want to thank all customers for their support for our activities. With your support, we have the motivation to do better

now let's review the popularity of the whole audience that day

first, we gave back the cash box of more than 30 major brands to our customers. Now the major brands are so willful that they are really not afraid of being robbed

it is always quiet before the "storm" comes. First of all, I'd like to send you a few photos of the diligent staff who are making the final exhibition layout and meeting in the morning, ready to welcome the arrival of customers

at 12 o'clock at noon, the atmosphere on the scene has exploded, and there is no sense of hunger of customers. Customers on the scene are signing bills in an endless stream, and they are faster than who signs them, because signing bills can be cashed back, cashback can also participate in smashing golden eggs, smashing golden eggs can also participate in rounds of cash lottery, and you can grab a million cash

by three o'clock in the afternoon, 1000 golden eggs had been smashed by customers, and there were not much left. The customers of the cash lottery had sat around under the stage. Whenever the host drew the lottery at the whole point, his eyes were turned to the host, and his heart must be reading, it's me, it's me, it's me

Rheinland egger has always been committed to "hardbound engineering system solutions". Due to its strong construction (installation) ability, sufficient production backup resources and rich on-site coordination experience, it has continuously won praise from developers, decoration companies and customers in the process of hardbound engineering construction for 7 years, and has won honorary awards and bonuses from Vanke Real Estate for 3 consecutive years, becoming a brand famous for hardbound engineering construction in Southwest China





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