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Not long ago, Mr. Zheng of jiazhaoye jinyutianxia called to consult the Xiaobian of Wuhan home decoration network, and asked the Xiaobian to recommend the Wuhan decoration company with strong design ability. To this end, the editor of Wuhan home decoration network has collected and sorted out a series of decoration cases made by decoration companies with very good cost performance in communities similar to jiazhaoye jinyutianxia. Today, the case launched is a warm pastoral style case created by Wuhan Hanyu decoration in Jindi art scene

[specific room type]: Jindi art realm, 88 square meters, two rooms and two halls

[design description]: the owner of this case is very yearning for the popular European pastoral style. Therefore, according to the characteristics of this small house, the simplicity of modern style is integrated into the early design. The soft decoration of the living room uses fabric sofa, coupled with pillows made of textured materials, so the home space looks warm and beautiful. The wine cabinet in the restaurant not only increases the storage function of the space, but also adds a lot of interest. It fully reflects the delicate elegance of the overall space, and more changes are reflected in the soft decoration accessories in the later stage. Omit the complicated linear decoration, enlarge the light and landscape advantages of the space, and let all objects skillfully combine to form an intriguing calm elegance

[decoration company]: Wuhan Hanyu decoration; Half package 46000 yuan

[space display]:

entry and Restaurant Design: Although the area of the small family aisle and restaurant is not very obvious, in this case, the corridor and restaurant are well divided by using the ceiling shape. On the basis of the whole hard decoration of the entry and aisle area, there is no excessive bias and pastoral style. The gray floor with more retro color uses tables and seats to reflect the characteristics of style

design of living room and sofa area: the whole living room area is based on the modern decorative structure on the hard decoration, and the unique embodiment of the pastoral style on the later soft decoration and furniture. It has the style of broken flower fabric sofa, tea table style, lamps, carpets and the overall matching and rendering of the retro gray floor

effect drawing design of living room and TV wall: the background wall of the living room does not have complex structural design. The whole TV wall is directly pasted with pastoral fresh wallpaper as the background after the grass-roots treatment, and the pastoral atmosphere of the living room is decorated with simple methods

Bedroom Design: the style of the bedroom reflects a strong rural flavor. The background wall at the head of the bed uses floral wallpaper to highlight the fresh and natural flavor, and the latex paint wall is tinted. In addition to the natural feeling, the whole bedroom space is also very simple and comfortable

it is reported that the owner of this case signed a half contract with Wuhan Hanyu decoration at a price of about 46000 yuan. The owner is very satisfied with the rural style home decoration designed by the designer. He also said that the exploration of decoration style was like a diversified way of thinking, adding more exotic flavor to their house. Designers pay great attention to using curves and surfaces to pursue dynamic changes in aesthetics. Use simple and simple lines to create a solemn and elegant texture, simple but fashionable colors. Together, it reflects an elegant and comfortable attitude towards life. For more information about home decoration in other styles, it is recommended to read: "new world Evergrande Washington 139 square meters decoration effect drawing"

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