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Fast, accurate, ruthless, choose the soft clothing industry, follow the industry king, pay close attention to management, business is booming, like a duck to water! (sincerely invite to join! Sincerely invite to join! Sincerely invite to join!

vision determines vision, trend determines the future, platform determines speed, and mode determines success! Choice is greater than effort! How can investment and joining make quick profits? At the 2018 (Autumn) new product launch of rudeshui overall soft decoration, Mr. shaoxinghua, Secretary General of wallpaper and wallpaper Committee of China Interior Decoration Association, Mr. Li, senior manager of the headquarters, and several excellent store dealers of rudeshui, Answer in the media interview: fast, accurate, ruthless

fast - fast insight into the market, fast lock potential industries, and quick success

this is an era of rapid change, an era in which even the whole industry may be replaced by irrelevant new industries at any time. The competition in each sub industry is very fierce. Market hunters maintain a high sense of smell and try to find the unsaturated market. It is very important to have an insight into the market and stand on the investment outlet

seeing the hot and promising future of the soft clothing industry, you are one step ahead of others. At present, our country is the largest manufacturer of soft decoration in the world. The market scale of China's home decoration industry continues to grow, with an annual compound growth rate of 12.5%, and it is also the world's largest consumer market of soft decoration. At present, China's soft clothing brands are marching into globalization, which is inevitable at this stage of our country's economic development

existing housing + new housing + second-hand housing transaction + old housing renovation = the world's largest market to be decorated. The overall soft decoration with a market value of 100 billion yuan is the last feast of China's interior decoration industry/home furnishing industry

quasi - recognize heroes with insight and accurately identify the real king in the industry

if you have insight into the big cake in the soft packaging market, you will be half successful; Next, you need to find which brand in the industry has excellent products, productivity, technology or process, which company has a perfect franchise support service system, which team has a perfect management and marketing system, and which enterprise has the values and strategic planning of sustainable development

the real king and the gold that can't be missed in the home decoration industry - ruyushui overall soft decoration, which began in 1996, integrates research and development, production and sales, focuses on soft decoration boutique customization, and takes the lead in adopting the "national chain, individual needs, centralized customization" model in the industry. At present, it has hundreds of chain stores across the country, focusing on the sales of curtains, wall coverings, wall backgrounds, and supporting special furniture, lighting, jewelry and other whole cases. It has a strong soft front and back office team, a mature product supply chain and an operation system of service terminals

☆ core advantage 1: superior products, new fast

1 "Quality" suit technology is really good curtains... 23 years of focus on fine curtain customization, 313 production standards, and dedication to the perfection of details. The side is 4cm from top to bottom, with an error of 2mm, 12 stitches per inch, straight and smooth, and the stitching inside is integrated with a lock bag, which is consistent with the production standard of the suit. Every set of products has environmental protection certificates. At present, no one in the industry can have such strict standards. It is consumers who really benefit...

2 "Finished products, speed matching and in-depth customization" are deeply explored in the whole industry... There are finished curtain sales; There is also a sales mode of speed matching from fabric to style or from style to fabric + automatic quotation, which makes customization simple; There are also in-depth customized sales models, such as various special-shaped windows, water wave curtains, table mats, Roman curtains, and so on. Our super strong sales mode is speed matching sales mode and deep customization sales mode...

3 The new mode of research, production and marketing of "planning + content + hot money + fast launch"... Usually the whole industry is launched in spring and autumn. We launch the new product every month from June this year, and provide multiple scheme push and sales tools for timely delivery, which is 8-10 times more than the whole industry every year...

☆ core advantage 2: good tools factory cow

1 "Tools"... 3D design system + live photo system + Mobile Business School System + OMS Order Automatic Quotation System + good product witness cabinet, etc., good experience, easy to sell... 3D design, built a large number of special models like fish in water, bringing customers the best scene experience, plus Shanghai volume live photo system, the real experience and witness of tens of thousands of customers. Automatic order quotation solves the biggest pain point of selling curtains, and solves the problem of people being difficult to recruit and cultivate from the root... The only brand in the industry that dares to make product comparison allows customers to witness the real good curtains in the world...

2 "Smart factory"... The industry took the lead in introducing the curtain intelligent flexible production line, which doubled the delivery time (now 10-15 days, faster in the later stage), and improved the quality again, laying the foundation for achieving the total cost leadership and providing stores with good products with high cost performance for a long time... According to the density of franchised stores, labor costs, land costs, we will open factories in the southeast, northwest and middle, Provide customers with faster supply and realize greater cost advantages...

☆ core advantage 3: training programs are strong in marketing

1 "Excellent training in the industry" business school... The training system of "hand-in-hand teaching, war instead of practice": shopping guide elite class, mobile business school, micro classroom, trial business in store project, performance multiplication project... 18 day closed basic training of rudeshui Business School: home decoration style, soft decoration knowledge, order script, fabric knowledge, practical exercise, 4 system training, transforming from sales Xiaobai to soft decoration designer! The online micro class of mobile business school shares the practical experience with each franchised store. Resident projects and performance doubling projects are listed...

2 "Strong sales team in the industry"... Monthly national linkage, multi store PK, training, study tours, hierarchical store management and other service systems enable terminal stores...

ruthless - pay close attention to management, follow the direction of the headquarters, and strictly implement the plan

once you choose the industry and brand, you should be ruthless and pay attention to store operation and management. People are fundamental to store management. How much performance the store can create depends largely on the store manager and shopping guide. Therefore, the management of people focuses on training and motivation

rudeshui headquarters business school provides professional knowledge training, the sales department regularly plans novel and effective promotional activities, the project department provides high return resident support, and the store's overall soft installation new module sales mode

Rushui stores with the best sales performance in the country are stores that do not relax in management and closely follow the direction of the company. The store adheres to the company's plan and direction step by step, ruthlessly unifies the top and bottom, strictly implements the enterprise philosophy, makes full use of brand resources, and generates competitiveness in the market competition, which will naturally go against the current. We should firmly believe that the decision-making of the brand must go through thoughtful discussion and market research. The goal of the brand is always to greatly increase the performance of stores across the country

fast, accurate, ruthless, choose the soft clothing industry, follow the king of the industry, pay close attention to operation and management, and the business is booming, like a duck to water





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