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The benefits of sealing the balcony are obvious. For example, it can make the home environment cleaner, dry clothes independent of the weather, keep warm in winter, and prevent mosquitoes in summer So when the owner seals the balcony, what knowledge should he know in order to control the whole process

sealing the balcony is not only a line of defense between residents and the outside world, but also a line of sight for people. Sealing the balcony and sunshine room can not only block the invasion of noise and the attack of wind and rain, but also keep warm, and you can see the outside world through the window. Pay attention to the packaging quality and safety when sealing the balcony. The following Xiaobian will show you the whole strategy of sealing the balcony sunshine room

I. common balcony structure

1 The cantilever type

stretches the cantilever beam from the inside and outside of the horizontal wall, and the prefabricated floor slab is placed on it. This structure is simple in layout, with direct and clear force transmission, and the balcony length is consistent with the room Bay

2. Cantilever plate

when the floor is a cast-in-situ floor, you can choose a cantilever plate, and the cantilever length is generally about 1.2m. That is, the flat slab is picked out from the extension of the floor slab. The bottom of the slab is flat and beautiful, and the balcony plane forms a variety of shapes, such as semicircle, arc, trapezoid, oblique triangle and so on

3. The pressed beam

balcony slab is cast in situ with the wall beam, and the section of the wall beam should be larger than the ring beam to ensure the stability of the balcony

II. Acceptance criteria

1 Glass

first of all, check whether the glass is transparent, clean, free of bubbles and scratches. From the side, there is no obvious ripple. The installed glass is particularly important for the lighting of people with low floors. In addition, the frosted glass should face inward. In rainy days, the frosted glass will become transparent when it sees water

2. Frame

the second is to see whether the window sash is pushed and pulled smoothly. In most cases, it depends on whether the frame is horizontal and vertical, with a square or mineral water, to see whether it is at the same level with the water

3. Gluing

a point: glued glass is not easy to age and fall off, but when gluing, it is very important to test the technical level, whether it is smooth and straight, whether the thin thickness is consistent, and whether the joint is handled properly

b point: when sealing windows, it is not only necessary to apply glue indoors, but also outdoors, so as to achieve real waterproof and elegant appearance

c point: Ye Yang adopts foreign imported glue, which has stable performance, strong viscosity, waterproof and mildew proof effects...

4. Column position

corner columns are generally used in balconies with corners. If the column is too in or too out, it will not work. If it is too in, it means that the size measurement is not accurate enough, and it is too out, it is easy for rainwater to seep into the balcony from the column, causing water leakage

5. Lock of accessories

accessories depend on how you like them. Window lock is also called handle. How can you roughly distinguish the quality of handle? In addition to seeing whether there is elasticity, and whether the lock has a beautiful appearance and fine workmanship, there is also the weight in your hand...

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