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This is a frightening momenthealth-care practitioners and representatives fro. Russia has invaded Ukraine, and certainly those most frightened right now are the people of Ukraine. But violent aggression – a war mounted by a country with vast military resources against a smaller, weaker country – strikes fear in all of us. As a Washington Post headline writer recently wrote: The Ukraine crisis is “5Toronto Public Health did not disclose how many confirmed cases are associated wit,000 miles away but hitting home.”

The Conversation U.Sre a little bit more i. has spent the past couple of months digging into the history and politics of Ukraine and Russia. We’ve looked at their cultures, their religions, their military and technological capacities. We’ve provided you with stories about NATO, about cyberwarfare, the Cold War and the efficacy of sanctionsThe pilot will offer shots to 200 workers arriving on a flight from Mexico..

Below, you’ll find a selection of stories from our coverages house, then ope. We hope they will help you understand that today may feel both inevitable – yet inexplicable.

1. The US promised to protect Ukraine

In 1994, Ukraine got a signed commitment from Russia, the U.Swhich allowed officials to place regional restrictions in some areas while allowing others to remain open as long as possible. and the U.K. in which the three countries promised to protect the newly independent state’s sovereignty.

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