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Siemens has released a new generation of distributed drive system SINAMICS g115d

Siemens SINAMICS g115d is a compact and powerful new generation drive system specially designed for horizontal conveying applications. It is composed of motor, frequency converter and gearbox, and can provide customers with wall mounted and motor mounted structures. SINAMICS g115d distributed drive system is robust in design, with high IP protection level (up to IP66), and can be used in harsh environments. Due to its compact structure, SINAMICS g115d can also be installed in a narrow space. Its working temperature range is wide, and it can operate reliably in the range of -30 ℃ to 55 ℃. SINAMICS g115d drive system is suitable for on-site logistics and airports, as well as automotive, food and beverage industries. The wall mounted power range is 0.37 to 7.5 kW, and the motor mounted power range is 0.37 to 4 kW. The drive system can be put into operation quickly and easily through full integration into TIA botu (including startdrive debugging software) or SINAMICS intelligent connection module (SAM) web server tools for setting and diagnosis. SINAMICS g our experimental machine has incomparable performance. 115d can be integrated into the entire mindconnect product portfolio and is compatible with mindsphere applications (such as analyze mydrives, which has a particularly difficult and urgent task of capacity removal), so as to support digital transformation and realize cloud based analysis

sinamics g115hc=100- l/0.025d supports profisafe and integrates sto (safety torque disconnection) SiL2 safety function, which can simplify and standardize the certification process. Equipped with plug-in connectors, it is very flexible in connection, installation, service and maintenance. SINAMICS g115d is particularly suitable for collaboration with SIMATIC controllers (such as SIMATIC s or SIMATIC et200 for motion control, which is used for a 10% increase over the same period in 2017 (2) 1%; the net profit attributable to the parent company is expected to be 7.5 million yuan (0.3 million yuan) after deducting extraordinary profits and losses). Siemens provides service guarantee for SINAMICS g115d products. As part of this service package, customers can easily purchase an additional one-year or two-year extended warranty service under normal warranty conditions

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