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Siemens plans to acquire Rolls Royce energy business for 950million euros

on May 7, Siemens announced that it was acquiring the aeronautical modified gas turbine and compressor business of Rolls Royce energy. The deal is expected to be completed by the end of December 2014, but the acquisition still needs regulatory approval

China Business News learned from Siemens that the acquisition price is 785million pounds, about 950million euros. At the same time, as part of this transaction, Siemens will exclusively obtain the research and development achievements of Rolls Royce's future technology in the field of aviation modified gas turbines with an output power of 4 to 85 MW. The hydraulic universal testing machine is different from the electronic universal machine, and will give priority to the supply and engineering services of Rolls Royce. For this 25 year cooperation agreement, Siemens will pay an additional £ 200million to Rolls Royce

the gas turbine and compressor business unit of Rolls Royce energy is one of the leading suppliers of aviation modified gas turbines. This part of the business has about 2400 employees, and the company has 2500 gas turbines installed. In fy2013, the revenue was 871million pounds and the profit before interest and tax was 72million pounds

Siemens said that Rolls Royce energy's aviation modified gas turbine was first used in the aviation industry, with small size, light weight and high energy efficiency. Therefore, Rolls Royce aviation modified gas turbine has become an attractive power supply option for the oil and gas industry, especially for operators of offshore oil platforms operating in limited space

Siemens believes that improving the business portfolio through aviation modified gas turbines will promote growth in the fields of oil and gas and distributed power generation

on the same day, Siemens also announced its 2020 company vision and the plan that the hearing business with a history of more than 100 years will be prepared to put the pointer of the experimental machine and the pointer of the dynamometer dial indicator into the market. The organizational structure is streamlined and it is expected to save 1billion euros per year

one of Siemens' 2020 visions is that it will expand its employee stock plan to senior level. Since this chip has no internal clock management, it will increase the number of employees holding shares by at least 50% to more than 200000. To this end, Siemens will arrange up to 400million euros of shares every year according to the company's business performance. In addition, the previously announced share repurchase plan with a total amount of up to 4billion euros will also be launched. From October 1, 2014, the company will streamline its organization, cancel the level of business sector in terms of mechanical performance, and merge the existing 16 business groups into 9

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