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Siemens' rectification movement wants to get rid of the "bribery door"

LUO Xude, who was appointed in the face of danger, is ready to "finish his work in one battle" to improve the company's efficiency and clear up the company's bribery scandal

at the beginning of this month, Siemens, Germany's third-largest company, began its largest layoff in its history under the circumstances of soaring costs and difficult business operations. Behind the layoffs, it is not as simple as cutting costs. The spearhead of layoffs is mainly aimed at the management. This large enterprise, which has been plagued by bribery scandals, has generally reduced the use of plastic shopping bags in supermarkets and shopping malls by more than 2/3, and strives to achieve the dual purpose of "improving efficiency and getting rid of scandals" through the exchange of senior staff

ceo led the "purification campaign"

in 2007, when the bribery case broke out, the former chairman of Siemens' board of directors and CEO left their posts respectively, and Austrian Peter Rothschild began to take over the CEO position. When he was appointed, two tasks were placed in front of him, one was to improve the efficiency of the company, and the other was to clear up the bribery scandal of the company

on the 8th of this month, Siemens announced the abolition of 16750 employees worldwide, mainly for management

Its waste will not pollute the environment

the survey found that in the past few years, Siemens has developed a corporate bribery culture of "exchanging gifts for contracts", which was developed with the support of Siemens' original management

the sharp abolition of management is intended to eradicate this culture and simplify the business process of the company's access to data division. According to the arrangement, most of the members of the board of supervisors, the administrative committee and the senior management have been replaced, and the original eight departments of Siemens have been integrated into three parts - energy, health care and industry. More than 1800 legal entities under the company have been reduced to less than 1000, and more than 70 branches of Siemens worldwide have also been integrated into 20 regional groups

in order to rebuild the corporate image and innovate the corporate culture, the CEO from a non German background formulated the "de Germanization" strategy for Siemens. He insisted that all important meetings of Siemens must use English, so that this enterprise "has less German color and less corruption"

strike threat affects the new deal

the scope of layoffs was originally controlled in management positions, but the trade union is worried that it will affect ordinary employees

this layoff will adopt the way of voluntary resignation, which is an important measure taken by Luo Xude to reduce the expenditure of 1.2 billion euros by 2010. Some union leaders threatened that the number of layoffs exceeded their expectation of 10000, which could lead to a strike

in addition, Siemens also decided to reduce the wages of some employees, including 390 employees who are not members of the metallurgical Union, whose wages will be reduced by 10%

a trade union leader, Vinal nugorberg, threatened to launch a strike because Siemens had sufficient orders and good profits. The layoff and salary reduction plan was "unacceptable" and "exaggerated" for workers

some market experts have also criticized Siemens' new deal. Frankfurt BH hopes that the majority of employees will work actively. Johann krusman, an analyst at f bank, said: "this plan is a little unclear. It seems to be a premature child born in a hurry under public pressure. In addition, it is not necessary to cut jobs." Analysts estimate that Siemens will pay compensation of up to 800million euros for this layoff

Siemens did not dare to take the strike threat of workers lightly. Luo Xude explained that layoffs were a last resort

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