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Siemens PLM Software won the title of "2012 China's best supplier in CAE field"

Beijing, China, November 26, 2012 - Siemens PLM Software Company announced today that with its industry-leading Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) solution in nxtm software, Siemens PLM Software has recently won the title of 2012 China's best supplier in CAE field. Nxtm software of Siemens PLM Software is a comprehensive solution integrating computer-aided design, manufacturing and engineering analysis (cad/cam/cae). The award was issued at the 8th China CAE Engineering Analysis Technology Annual Conference, which is the largest, highest level and far-reaching professional and technical conference in the field of CAE in China

Wang Jihong, Secretary General of the industry university research working committee of the Chinese society of mechanics, said: the simulation solution comprehensive suite provided by Siemens PLM Software is specially designed for the requirements of multi-user coordinated simulation within engineering enterprises, and is very suitable for the deployment and application of Chinese enterprises that are actively transforming. In terms of physicochemical properties, NX CAE advanced simulation solutions integrate the global leading technical advantages of Siemens PLM Software and are widely used in key fields such as machinery manufacturing, aerospace, automobile manufacturing and weapon shipbuilding. The progressiveness of its technology, the universality and flexibility of global applications have won the favor of industry users and experts, and it deserves the title of the best supplier in China's CAE field in 2012

the unique advantage of Siemens NX CAE software, which won this award, is that it integrates powerful multidisciplinary simulation functions into world-class PLM Software. Nx CAE integrates advanced analytical modeling and simulation solutions to the Siemens simulation data management platform. Siemens simulation data management platform is a part of Teamcenter, the most widely used digital life cycle management software in the world. Unified PLM creates a rare and powerful tool set for manufacturers to help them face the growing global competition and expanding global market. Siemens NX CAE advanced simulation solution can be deployed to organizations and virtual supply chains around the world, manage CAE modeling, results, reports and CAE best practice processes, and establish a reasonable environment for customers to make the best decisions in the process of product development. Moreover, this advanced simulation function also provides reusable and knowledge driven CAE software for manufacturing enterprises

siemens PLM soft Mr. Liang Naiming, CEO and managing director of ware Greater China, said: we are very honored to be awarded the best supplier in the CAE field in China in 2012. Siemens PLM Software has been committed to cooperating with customers to provide open solutions and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. Our NX CAE advanced simulation solution is designed to help customers understand, predict and improve product performance in a digital way, so as to make better use of product data information in the whole product lifecycle management process

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Siemens PLM Software, a subsidiary of Siemens' industrial automation business department, is a world leading product lifecycle management (PLM) software and service provider, with 71000 customers worldwide and nearly 7million installed capacity. Its headquarters are located in Plano, Texas, USA. Siemens PLM Software works with enterprises with open solutions to help them transform more ideas into successful products. To learn more about Siemens PLM soft's products and services that require several tensile values in the stretching process due to the testing of rubber tensile properties, please visit:

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Siemens industrial automation business department (Nuremberg, Germany) supports the entire value chain of industrial customers - from product design to production and service, it combines automation technology, industrial control technology and industrial software incomparably. With advanced software solutions, the business department can help enterprises shorten the time to market by more than 50%. The industrial automation business department consists of five business units: industrial automation system department, component control and home appliance shell system engineering department, sensor and communication department, Siemens product lifecycle management software department, and water resources technology department. For more information, please log in to:

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