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Siemens released a new maintenance free belt weigher speed sensor SITRANS WS100

Siemens Industrial Automation Group recently released a new compact belt weigher speed sensor, which is suitable for installation on most belt conveyor rollers, especially for basic industries such as steel, cement, electric power, etc

sitrans WS100 has the characteristics of light weight and durability, and can adapt to the application temperature of -40~110 ℃. Typical applications include mining, metallurgy, cement and other industries, which can meet the maximum belt speed requirement of 2m/s. The new WS100 can not only be used to connect bw100 and bw500, but also be fully compatible with SIWAREX FTC weighing module. The monitored belt speed signal is directly input into the integrator. It forms a complete dynamic weighing system with the belt scale system of Siemens milltronics to calculate the flow, cumulative measurement, belt load, speed of bulk materials and other data

sitrans WS100 designs a magnetic structure to realize a very simple installation without replacement. This magnetic mechanism can absorb a weight of 68 kg. Ais3 and i30 can not guarantee the synchronization of transmission after vibration. The stainless steel probe of test result 4 is wrapped with a polypropylene shell, which makes WS100 durable, corrosion-resistant and truly maintenance free. This is what they are proud of. In addition, the best material sealing characteristics of the rotating target ensure the high safety of operation. It can also be used in standard and intrinsically safe (is) and NEMA 4/65 applications

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