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Siemens provides power system for the world's first most advanced deep-sea drilling platform

Siemens power pack system provides a one-stop solution for D90 to ensure more stable, reliable and efficient offshore operation

Siemens' world leading DP3 closed-loop power technology improves the operation flexibility and fuel economy of the drilling platform, Reduce greenhouse and harmful gas emissions

Siemens digital solutions help realize China's dream of becoming a maritime power

Siemens recently launched a global operation of water depth, water depth and The semi submersible drilling platform D90 with the deepest drilling depth provides an advanced power system. Siemens' advanced power pack system covers one-stop solutions for equipment from high-voltage distribution boards and low-voltage distribution boards to transformers, drilling frequency converters, propulsion frequency converters and propulsion motors, making the platform more stable, reliable and efficient for years on the sea

d90 deep sea semi submersible drilling platform

d90 deep sea semi submersible drilling platform adopts frigstad D90 foundation design, which is 117 meters long, 92.7 meters wide and 118 meters high. The maximum operating depth of D90 is 3658 meters, and the maximum drilling depth is 15240 meters. It can operate in 99% of the world's sea areas. The power pack system capacity provided by Siemens is equivalent to the power consumption of a city with a population of 500000

in addition, the platform is equipped with the world's leading Siemens DP3 closed-loop power system. West 1. The DP3 closed-loop power solution for reducing the friction resistance of the hull paint door provides a guarantee for the energy conservation and safety of the platform, which can reduce the oil consumption of the drilling platform by 11%, nitrogen oxide by 35% and carbon dioxide emission by 20%. In addition, when the generator on the platform suddenly fails, through the DP3 closed-loop power solution, the standby generator can be started in a very short time, so that the platform can obtain continuous power, ensure safe and stable operation, and reduce the maintenance cost of the host by 50%

Lin bin, executive vice president of Siemens (China) Co., Ltd. and general manager of process industry and drive group, said: with our cutting-edge technology and advanced experience in the field of industrial digitalization, Siemens is willing to provide local enterprises such as CIMC Raffles with the latest and most sophisticated technical support in the offshore drilling industry to help them always maintain their leading position in the industry once every 3-6 months

Siemens introduced DP3 closed-loop power technology in 2010, and took the lead in applying this technology to real ships in the world and obtained the certification of classification society. This technology can effectively reduce host operation "We hope to build a cooperation platform and maintenance time together, improve the operating flexibility and fuel economy of the main engine, and reduce greenhouse and harmful gas emissions. At present, Siemens DP3 closed-loop power technology has been integrated and applied in more than a dozen real ships around the world.

offshore engineering equipment is known as a mobile land, which is a strategic weapon for the development of the offshore oil industry. The made in China 2025 national strategy will also produce offshore engineering equipment Industry is listed as one of the top 10 areas of key support. CIMC Raffles is an international leading offshore equipment enterprise and the only enterprise in China that has the capacity of batch construction of deepwater semi submersible drilling platforms. Since the first cooperation between the two sides in 2005, Siemens has provided power pack systems for six semi submersible platforms successfully delivered by CIMC Raffles. They are currently operating in the South China Sea, the North Sea of Norway and the waters of Brazil

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