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Siemens released three strategic positioning for "future manufacturing"

although the potential scope of the market opened today is considerable, at the 2013 China International Industrial Expo (CIIF), Siemens (China) Co., Ltd. issued three strategic positioning for future manufacturing in the industrial business field: digital enterprise platform, resource efficiency and all-round talent training, aiming at the background that the global manufacturing industry is experiencing a new industrial revolution, Help China's manufacturing industry seize opportunities for upgrading, transformation and sustainable development

following the financial crisis, the traditional manufacturing industry is returning to the top in the world. China is actively transforming from an industrial power to an industrial power. How to continue to maintain growth and promote industrial upgrading is crucial. A new round of industrial revolution will provide new opportunities for China's manufacturing industry. Dr. Marc Wucherer, executive vice president and President of industrial business of Siemens (China) Co., Ltd., said that Siemens would continue to work with Chinese industrial partners to give full play to its leading scientific and technological advantages, provide forward-looking products, solutions and services, and help China's manufacturing industry to a higher level

Siemens described the industrial revolution led by digital manufacturing at the China Industrial Expo

Siemens released three strategic positioning for future manufacturing

digital enterprise platform is the way for enterprises to realize the integration of industrialization and industrialization in the whole life cycle

Dr. Wu hele introduced that digital enterprise platform is the carrier of digital manufacturing and the product of the integration of informatization and industrialization. It can realize the efficient operation of the whole life cycle, including product design, production planning, production engineering, production execution and service, and obtain the highest production efficiency with the minimum resource consumption. The realization of this platform requires enterprises to integrate the most advanced production management system and production process software and hardware, such as product lifecycle management (PLM) software, manufacturing execution system (MES) software, control and drive technology, based on digital technology and with the strong support of IOT, cloud computing, big data, industrial Ethernet and other technologies

as a leader in digital enterprise platform solutions, Siemens has rich experience in the industrial field and has a complete product portfolio, which can efficiently manage the entire life cycle of each product. Volkswagen uses Siemens automatic control system and PLM Software to transform the production line that has been used for 17 years through stamping production line simulation, achieving performance improvement and energy saving of 40%. In September, 2013, the model plant of Siemens' digital enterprise platform, Siemens industrial automation products Chengdu production and R & D base (sewc), was put into operation in Chengdu high tech Industrial Park

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how to use the tensile testing machine

improve resource efficiency and cover the life cycle of product manufacturing

at the level of improving resource efficiency, manufacturing enterprises first need to consider resource efficiency improvement plans at the equipment level, such as high-efficiency motors, frequency converters, etc. to save energy at the equipment level. At the same time, enterprises need to look far ahead and pay attention to the overall solution that can improve the resource efficiency of the whole life cycle

the so-called overall solution refers to integrating all existing technologies and innovations into a digital enterprise platform, and giving complete resource solutions based on cost design and energy conservation and resource design from the enterprise level to the equipment level. All links in the product development process and production process have been optimized in the virtual environment before production starts. The time, manpower, equipment and raw material resources consumed in product design and production task configuration will be greatly reduced, and the production process will be greatly improved

all along, while providing innovative technologies and products for the industry, Siemens is also committed to bringing the most cutting-edge technical experience to the field of education. Siemens has maintained cooperation with the Ministry of education and colleges and universities to bring the engineer training mechanism, staff training system and certification system to China through the three-dimensional capability model, making contributions to the training of high-quality engineering talents in Chinese colleges and vocational colleges. Siemens' three-dimensional capability model defines the abilities, skills and knowledge required by the positions in each link in the whole product life cycle of the manufacturing industry in combination with the characteristics of the job requirements in each link, so as to help comprehensively cultivate students' professional abilities and provide help for students' employment

in 2013, the upper and lower clamps were connected by universal joints to ensure the concentricity of clamping. Siemens cooperated with the Ministry of education of China to carry out the comprehensive reform project of Siemens' industry university cooperation specialty, provide the construction of system teaching materials, and grant the right to use NX software in Siemens' product lifecycle management software to 35 Chinese universities. At present, the total value of NX software granted with the right to use is more than 700 million US dollars

as one of the world's largest electrical engineering and electronics companies, Siemens has established a partnership with Chinese enterprises for more than 140 years, witnessing and participating in the development of China's manufacturing industry. The future of China's manufacturing industry is closely related to Siemens. Siemens takes digital enterprise platform, resource efficiency and future manufacturing talent training as its strategic positioning to help China's manufacturing industry to a higher level

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