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Baccarat integrated safety technology reduces the development and manufacturing costs of mechanical equipment

baccarat integrated safety technology helps to reduce the development and manufacturing costs of mechanical equipment. Compared with traditional solutions, the integrated safety solution occupies a smaller distribution cabinet space, which not only provides greater flexibility, but also makes it easier to design and implement the system. Ferrag, a post press equipment manufacturer, is one of the first companies to apply baccalais technology, and has continuously improved the output and competitiveness of equipment

when a manufacturer upgrades or updates equipment and systems, they usually seek new ways to reduce production costs, or obtain more functions without increasing costs. However, many automation suppliers' products integrate different engineering development tools or use independent safety controllers, so equipment manufacturers are very willing to save the cost of communication with different automation suppliers

the Multilog bundling stacker from ferrag verfahrenstechnik GmbH proves that this is not wishful thinking. With the successful development of their second-generation stacker products, Feiler not only improves the performance of the machine, but also makes the installation and maintenance of the equipment more convenient, without additional cost

this is achieved by replacing the previous automation scheme. Previously, the display, i/o, drive and safety control systems from different suppliers were relatively independent, but now the unified automation architecture is based on the powerful begalay technology

breaking the performance bottleneck

it is very inconvenient for us to deal with old software and hardware, said the manager of Feiler electrical engineering department. After adopting the overall solution from baccalais, we not only solved this problem, but also further broke the imaginable performance bottleneck

the application of baccalais security technology enables Feiler's new security scheme to be realized

the expert pointed out that due to the continuous increase in the output of the rotary printing machine, which has long been popular in the printing industry, the performance of the post printing processing equipment should also be kept up in time. The rotary printing machine is mainly suitable for mass production of newspapers, magazines, catalogues, leaflets, books and other kinds of printed matter

more complex products, such as Ben, are composed of various books. After these books are produced from the rotary press, they must be stored immediately to develop data diagnosis methods

some print shops that specialize in the printing of simple brochures and other irregular printed materials such as live parts and consumers only need to throw their packages into ordinary garbage cans also often need to temporarily store products. For example, the advertising floor type that needs to be printed in advance with the sending of newspapers is also divided into domestic configuration and imported configuration

in these or similar cases, it is an effective method to store printed matter in the form of bundling stack, which is also the role of Feiler Multilog stacker. It can receive and stack thousands of folded Book stickers printed from the rotary press. One of the characteristics of the Feiler stacker is its large format and the size of the book post (190 x 135mm to 500 x 320mm); Another major feature is its loose code stack structure, which avoids the decline in the quality of finished products or even printing errors caused by the bending and deformation of books or ink smearing. In addition, the paper pressing roller, which is easy to adjust the thickness of the paper, can also handle prints as thin as 8 pages

the processing speed of the new Multilog stacking equipment is as high as 120000 copies/hour

Powerlink replaces can

the challenge faced by Feiler is not only that the processing difficulty is increased due to the different paper composition and thickness of books and the different air content between books, but also that the mulitlog used with the modern high-performance rotary printing machine also needs to have a very high processing speed

the typical processing speed of the rotary printing machine used for live print in 2012 is 60000 to 70000 copies per hour. Recently, however, we have encountered a printing machine with a processing speed of 120000 copies/hour for the first time, said the manager of Feiler's electrical department. Our past system architecture, which uses one can bus to drive six servo axes of the equipment and another can bus to connect i/o and frequency converter, has its limitations in dealing with such processing speed. Therefore, in order to plan the equipment upgrade, Fleur began to look for alternatives to can bus, although can has enough potential to cope with the current and future technological development. We need to choose between Powerlink and EtherCAT, manager Feiler explained. After products from another well-known automation manufacturer were first excluded for technical reasons, many factors supported Feiler to finally choose Powerlink. As the manager of Feiler company summarized: Based on our very good experience in using baccalais products in the past, we chose Powerlink. The final decisive factor is that baccalais has reliable integrated security technology

the Multilog device using the Powerlink communication bus has the ability to achieve the highest processing speed

integrated security reflects flexibility

Feiler is the first test user to use the integrated security technology of baccalais and benefit from it. Wiring becomes easier, and compared with the traditional scheme of using current contactors plus emergency stop circuits or independent safety controllers, we can save more space for installing guide rails, praised the engineers responsible for the development of Multilog software of Feiler company. These software experts emphasized that in addition to saving materials and installation costs, another advantage of integrated security technology lies in flexibility: we first realized some functions of the original machine, including emergency stop button, safety door function and two hand operation, and then designed a new security scheme. Feiler's technicians are planning to combine the safety driver with safety speed and safety light curtain to replace the two handed operation function. This scheme and other schemes are easier to implement by using the security technology of baccalais, which integrates the engineering development tool automation studio. We can modify the security concept of a machine faster, because it usually only requires loading new projects on the software rather than modifying the wiring, they explained

Feiler is ready to further improve productivity by taking advantage of the flexibility of baccalais' safety technology: we plan to add a stacking processing unit to the Multilog equipment. Due to the integrated safety technology, even when the operator changes the code stacking plate, opens the safety door or interrupts the light curtain, the bundling stacker can operate without interruption. This security scheme cannot be realized in our original system at all

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