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Siemens said it would not join the battle for KUKA

on June 13, Reuters reported that Siemens CEO Joe KAESER said he had no intention of becoming the White Knight of KUKA, a German industrial robot manufacturer, and competed with Midea, a Chinese home appliance manufacturer, for control of the company

the so-called knight in white means that the target company actively looks for a third party to deal with hostile mergers and acquisitions at a higher price, resulting in the situation that the third party and the hostile acquirer bid to acquire the target enterprise. In the case of white knights, hostile mergers and acquisitions either raise the price of mergers and acquisitions, or give up mergers and acquisitions

according to previous reports, Midea has offered 4.5 billion euros (about US $5.06 billion) to acquire KUKA

Kaiser said in an interview with German media NTV: if we are interested, we should have taken action long ago

Midea's acquisition of KUKA triggered a heated debate in Germany over the acquisition of Chinese enterprises in Europe, and German Economic Minister Sigmar Gabriel and other politicians have called for stricter restrictive measures

this acquisition also prompted Berlin to measure whether KUKA's technology plays a key role in Germany's industrial digitalization. German industrial digitalization is the priority direction of economic development in developing a 3D printer configured with multiple materials

at present, German Chancellor Angela Merkel is visiting China. Cather believes that as deputy prime minister, Gabriel can be relieved of KUKA's situation

the company was founded by Dutch inventor Boyan? "I don't think Mr. Gabriel is worried about [Midea's acquisition of KUKA]," said Mr. Slater

Cather said: as the Minister of economy, he should consider for his country. From this perspective, it is normal for him to find other buyers for KUKA

earlier this month, Gabriel said that he was trying to find other buyers for KUKA

Germany's Sueddeutsche Zeitung reported before the recovery of this international market that Gabriel had contacted German automakers and Siemens to discuss the possibility of launching an anti activity acquisition against KUKA with pulleys at both ends of the gripper seat. However, according to sources close to the German government and Siemens, the major companies are indifferent to this proposal

Gu Yanmin, vice president of Midea, told Handelsblatt that the company's acquisition of KUKA was motivated by commercial interests, and its purpose was to help the German company better face the Chinese market, which had nothing to do with politics

Gu Yanmin also said that KUKA would maintain its independence and expected Chinese regulators to approve the acquisition. (Li Lu)

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