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Siemens process automation "productivity" global tour enters the Northeast

-- the trip to Shenyang kicked off the northeast region

on November 9, 2006, Siemens process automation "productivity" global tour entered Shenyang and began the trip to the northeast region. The trip to Northeast China mainly includes three stops: Shenyang, Anshan and Dalian, during which different forms of lectures will be held for Siemens process automation customers, system integrators, science and engineering colleges and universities, as well as exhibitors interested in Siemens process automation products

Siemens Automation and drive as a member of the national group (a d), Mr. LAN Zhigang, sales manager of automation system department (as) northern region, delivered an opening speech for the Shenyang station of the Siemens process automation "productivity" global journey. He briefly introduced the organizational structure of Siemens A DAS and the automation system products covered by Siemens, which made customers have a clearer understanding and understanding of Siemens, and also opened the channel of immediate drainage communication with customers. The whole venue was full, and the participants listened carefully and sincerely to the relevant product introductions of Siemens, and recorded them in different ways

pcs7 competitiveness Center (COC) Li Hui, Hao Ying and others demonstrated the operation of PCS7 System on site for the present personnel, and introduced the relevant information of PCS7 products in detail in a specific and vivid way

Before the exhibition tour, Siemens engineers carefully installed and debugged the demo to ensure its normal operation. During the exhibition tour, the participants operated the demo on site and asked Siemens technicians at any time. 1 At the beginning of the creep experiment, everyone felt the charm of modern high productivity automation products. Siemens engineering and technical personnel are working against the clock to better meet customer requirements, even during tea breaks. Pcs7coc Hao Ying is still adjusting the focus of subsequent explanations according to the needs of on-site customers and the application characteristics of their industry

in this activity, Siemens customers not only felt the charm of Siemens products and learned knowledge, but also accidentally harvested small souvenirs from Siemens. Near the end of the event, three lucky customers took a group photo with Siemens staff. This exhibition tour has played a positive role in helping customers personally feel the unique charm of Siemens products, so as to enhance their understanding and recognition of Siemens products. Small souvenirs are insignificant, but Siemens' strong corporate culture can be deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. The Siemens process automation "productivity" global tour Shenyang station was a complete success

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