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Siemens released a new generation of i/o function modules, with a protection level of up to ip65/67

new generation si1 All parts of the testing machine should be cleaned frequently and coated with a little oil to avoid rust after the surface is not painted The rainy season is used for hunting and oil, not in the case of dust intrusion All door covers should not be opened frequently to avoid the impact of dust entering the interior of precision parts. Non operators should be allowed to use them to avoid accidents Matic et 200eco PN: add many functions suitable for modern equipment concepts and requirements

support PROFINET S2 redundancy function, which can be used for redundant systems with high availability

power supply through L-type coding plug, large current carrying capacity

high-quality industrial housing with protection grade up to ip65/67, Suitable for outdoor use

Siemens introduced a new generation of SIMATIC et 2 with medium flammability after mixing with hips, 00eco PN device level block i/o. The new i/o family protection grade can reach ip65/67, including five digital i/o modules and an IO link master station module, which provides users with a set of new functions that can meet the concepts and requirements of modern equipment. This series of products adopts a new industrial grade metal shell, which can reliably isolate ultraviolet radiation and harmful substances even under severe environmental conditions, and can be used outside factory buildings. The equipment is powered by L-type coding plug, which has extremely high current carrying capacity. It can connect longer cables at the application site, connect more high-energy components (such as valve island) and supply power for them, without connecting more power cables

this new i/o device has M12 slots that can be configured separately, and supports S2 redundant equipment. It does not need to use the water redundant function during the operation process, so it can be applied to SIMATIC sr/h and other high availability redundant systems, such as tunnels. With its modular shared input (MSI) and modular shared output (MSO), users can independently read the current switching status of module inputs and outputs from multiple controllers at the same time without programming, significantly improving the transparency of machine equipment and factories

the shared device function means that i/o device channels can be allocated between two i/o controllers, so that more flexible automation schemes can be developed on this basis

background information:

the trend of adopting distributed concept in new equipment and factories is becoming more and more obvious. The control cabinet becomes smaller and smaller, or even disappears completely. The i/o system previously deployed in the control cabinet is gradually being replaced by the i/o equipment with a protection grade of ip65/67, which can be completely dustproof and waterproof, and is more durable and compact. Since i/o equipment can now be installed at any position of the machine, a machine with a smaller size can be set up to calibrate the timepiece with a reaction frame, which can significantly save space and cost. At the same time, it also helps to significantly reduce the wiring distance between the i/o equipment and the sensor/actuator, which can not only reduce the material cost, but also make the transportation, installation and disassembly of the machine easier and reduce the possibility of wiring errors

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