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the future manufacturing industry must be green. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out green transformation of traditional manufacturing industry; We should promote cleaner production in key areas, industries and river basins; To promote the high starting point and green development of advanced manufacturing and strategic emerging industries, made in China 2025 is a far-reaching and decisive strategic plan, but it is also more stressed. Because of its important significance, it is also very difficult to implement and has a long time span

in the future, more entrepreneurial opportunities will appear in the information technology service industry. On the whole, the task of building a manufacturing power is arduous. If we can speed up the promotion, we can promote China's manufacturing industry to a benign development track, because they are collectively referred to as "composite insulation materials"; If the action is slow, not only the resources and environment are difficult to bear, but also important strategic opportunities will be missed. The Minister of industry and information technology said that we must actively create favorable conditions, strive to solve outstanding contradictions and problems, promote the overall optimization and upgrading of industrial structure, and accelerate the transformation of China's manufacturing industry from large to strong

China has developed a number of well-known enterprises in the world, but as far as China's industry is concerned, there is still a big gap between regions, industries and enterprises. Some enterprises even need to make up from 2.0 to 3.0, that is, from electrification to automation, to meet the needs of the whole development. He said that the stage of industrial development in China is different from that in Germany, but it is also possible to achieve leapfrog development, moving directly from electrification to intelligent manufacturing

in recent years, Zoomlion has continued to develop at a high speed, transforming from a large-scale engineering machinery enterprise to a high-end equipment manufacturing enterprise integrating engineering machinery, environmental industry, agricultural machinery and other business sectors. At present, it has established sales and service platforms in nearly 80. In fact, in China's manufacturing industry, which has a large number and a wide range, only some enterprises can achieve 4.0 intelligent manufacturing, but tens of thousands of other enterprises are still 2.0 or 3.0

the level and difference of China's manufacturing industry are very large, and the development is very uneven. Zhu sendi, special adviser of the China Machinery Industry Federation, said that due to uneven development and large differences in hierarchical structure, on the whole, the energy used should account for about 12% of the total energy consumption of the national economy, and a parallel strategy should be implemented, including 2.0 supplementary courses, 3.0 popularization and 4.0 demonstration. How to realize or shorten this process as soon as possible? Jusendi said that we should take advantage of our institutional advantage of concentrating on major events to shorten our process as soon as possible

first of all, do a good job in top-level design, that is, system design and system design, lay a good foundation and coordinate well. Then put forward some corresponding policy guidance, so that enterprises from all walks of life are motivated and willing to do this. With a good grasp of the market and the timing, the domestic industry will soon develop, and it is possible to shorten the process and follow the force

spent $2billion to acquire the Waldorf hotel in New York, which made the Chinese people hear the name of Anbang insurance; Beijing Heli Wansheng became widely known after the acquisition of the Dutch Hague ADO Club; China Golden Leaf company, in order to buy an oil company in Texas, spent $665million, which surprised Chinese people that Chinese small and medium-sized enterprises are becoming more and more prominent in the transaction

at present, 50% of China's tax revenue comes from small and medium-sized enterprises, 60% of the total economic output is created by small and medium-sized enterprises, 70% of patents are provided by small and medium-sized enterprises, especially 80% of employment is mainly created by small and medium-sized enterprises. In terms of quantity, small and medium-sized enterprises account for 99% of all kinds of enterprises. Similarly, during the implementation of made in China 2025, small and medium-sized enterprises can play its potential and great role

it is gratifying that the Ministry of industry and information technology has launched a special action to help small and micro enterprises since 2013, so that more small and medium-sized enterprises can not only create conditions for large enterprises in the industrial chain, but also give full play to the vitality, motivation and entrepreneurship and innovation of small and medium-sized enterprises in the innovation chain. I "it is 10 points for other injection molding thermoplastics. Under the harsh working conditions, we should try our best to create a good development environment for small and medium-sized enterprises and help improve their independent innovation ability

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