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Siemens is planning a major merger and acquisition in China

Siemens is planning a major merger and acquisition in China. At the 2005 fiscal year performance briefing, the president and chief executive of Siemens China, who took office in January this year, 1 Inspection standard: air spring performance test standard qc/t 207 (1) 996 and jb/t 8064.1 (9) 6. Hao Ruiqiang, the executive officer, disclosed to this newspaper that "there are 15 projects under evaluation" in the brewing new merger and acquisition plan

Hao Ruiqiang did not disclose specific investment details, but said that he would make it public at the right time. "In fiscal year 2006, Siemens will further increase its investment in China, expand its business portfolio, enter new markets and strive to achieve new breakthroughs in growth." In another public document, Siemens China said so. Hao Ruiqiang said that energy, transportation, oil and gas, industrial systems, water technology, medical treatment and 3G are all areas that Siemens focuses on

in response, last month, Siemens' Mobile Communications Department announced that it would invest hundreds of millions of euros in Asia in the new fiscal year, including a potential large-scale merger and acquisition in China, hoping to replace Nokia as the world's second largest mobile communications network equipment supplier. At this time, a long rumored M & A case in the industry has aroused people's attention again. In September this year, it was reported that Siemens wanted to acquire Gangwan network, and it was confirmed that Siemens' team of more than 40 people had entered Gangwan, and the cooperation between the two sides may involve 3G. However, Gangwan later denied the possibility of sale, and Siemens also said on several occasions that it would not comment on the rumors

no matter how to provide power for night flight, Xi'an has great merger and acquisition ambition in China by using energizer. What supports Siemens'm & A in China is the strong capital backing of billions of Yuan specially approved by the headquarters. In May last year, Siemens promised to invest an additional 10billion yuan in China. Hao Ruiqiang said that a considerable part of it would be used for mergers and acquisitions and business expansion. In April this year, Hao Ruiqiang submitted a multi billion yuan merger and acquisition blueprint to this newspaper for the first time, including increasing the shares of joint ventures, finding new partners, expanding business areas and so on

in the past fiscal year 2005, Siemens' performance in China was quite excellent. Compared with fiscal year 2004, the new orders of Siemens China in fiscal year 2005 increased by 34%. Mergers and acquisitions and expansion are the first keywords. Switches, large transmission systems, household appliances and other businesses have achieved substantial expansion, and new business institutions have been established in gas turbine components, industrial generators and other fields

"by the end of fiscal year 2005, our long-term investment in China had totaled 10.6 billion yuan." Hao Ruiqiang said. It is reported that Siemens will recruit 3000 more employees in China in fiscal year 2006. At present, Siemens has more than 70 operating companies in China

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