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Siemens released three new products at the 2017 International Industrial Expo

Siemens, with a complete digital enterprise solution, appeared at the 19th China International Industrial Expo (ICIF) with the theme of "exploring the value of digital enterprises". Siemens exhibited its latest three new products for the Chinese market for the first time at the exhibition

basic IPC SIMATIC ipc327e box PC and SIMATIC ipc377e Panel PC

on the first day of the exhibition, Siemens officially released two locally developed fan free basic IPC on the booth: SIMATIC ipc327e box PC and SIMATIC ipc377e panel PC. Both industrial computers are produced by Siemens' first overseas digital chemical plant, the Chengdu production and research and development base of industrial automation products (sewc). These two industrial computers are compact, exquisite in appearance, cost-effective, maintenance free, and can run continuously for 24 hours. Like all SIMATIC industrial computers, it provides a wealth of options, perfect coordination between components, and is equipped with a sealed chassis, which is solid and reliable. Both industrial PCs are equipped with an Intel Celeron quad core processor, a VGA and DisplayPort port, two mini PCIe interfaces, two Gigabit Ethernet interfaces, as many as six COM ports and six USB interfaces. With the help of various interfaces, they can be easily integrated into new and existing automatic solutions

simatic ipc327e box type and SIMATIC ipc377e panel type PC industrial control computers are very suitable for industrial applications, especially for HMI (man-machine interface) applications, assembly workstations, warehousing and logistics, data acquisition (such as production and energy data), as well as production networks and simple image processing. At present, eight pre configured models can be delivered from stock in the Chinese market: Panel PC and box PC with 12, 15 or 19 inch single touch widescreen display. Users can also choose to pre install the windows 7 ultimate operating system

the truly all-in-one inverter SINAMICS g120c has newly expanded its power segment and communication mode

the power segment of the integrated inverter SINAMICS g120c has been expanded to 22kw-132kw. Now a Modbus/USS communication mode is added for this power segment, so that customers can choose Modbus/USS communication mode in addition to PROFINET communication mode to meet their personalized communication mode needs. SINAMICS g120c frequency converter is a design model of SINAMICS drive Zibo Municipal government, which provides an office space of nearly 2000 square meters for start-ups in the first high-rise building of Zibo. It has excellent performance, compact structure and high power density, and can be easily installed in a narrow space. At present, the inverter series has seven external dimensions, and the power range is from 0.55kw to 132kw (0.75hp to 150HP). Its debugging is also very simple. With the help of PROFINET communication mode, it is perfectly integrated into the fully integrated automation system. Realize fully integrated control

sinamics g120c is a truly versatile integrated frequency converter, which can meet the needs of many industries and applications, such as conveyor belts, mixers, extruders, water pumps, fans, compressors and some basic material handling machinery

Sirius act button indicator product perfectly integrated into TIA botu engineering software platform

the newly launched Sirius act button indicator product is exquisite, durable, easy to install and has excellent communication performance. In addition to standard wiring, Sirius act button indicator can also communicate with PLC building sound insulation measurement specification GBJ 75 (84) controller through as interface, IO link and PROFINET. This product with strong sense of "appearance design" optimizes the traditional wiring, which is quickly converted from a/d to digital signals and sent to the accounting machine for data processing. The wiring time and workload are greatly shortened, which not only minimizes the misoperation rate, but also significantly improves the work efficiency and the flexibility of function expansion. In addition, Sirius act is perfectly integrated into TIA botu platform to realize flexible configuration, parameterization and diagnosis functions, which can be widely used in industrial fields

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