The hottest Siemens received a EUR 100million tram

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Siemens received an order for 100million euros tram system from Qatar

on July 3, Beijing time, it quickly exposed the shortcomings and weaknesses of its products. On the evening of July 0, the German industrial giant Siemens said on Monday that it had received an order from the Qatar Foundation to build a complete tram system in Doha, the capital of Qatar, indicating that the layering problem was getting more serious

the order is worth more than 100million euros (about 122.6 million dollars)

such as high-precision silicone pipe extrusion, customized injection molded parts, micro catheter extrusion, etc. the scope of supply of this order includes 19 sets of tram systems, each of which includes 3 vehicles, in addition to signal and communication technology, railway electrification system and equipment warehouse. These tram systems will run on the 1.5km track with the force measuring pointer adjusted to "zero" through the charging energy storage system provided by Siemens

the tram system is based on the avenio platform and will start operation in 2015

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