Precautions in the use of the hottest 140dai55300

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140dai55300, precautions in use

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the danger of this manual and the warning signs on the frequency converter means that death or serious personal injury will be caused if relevant requirements are not observed and corresponding

measures are not taken


this manual and the warnings with warning signs on the frequency converter mean that if relevant requirements are not observed and corresponding

measures are not taken, there is a potential danger of death or serious personal injury


this manual and the attention with warning signs on the frequency converter mean that if the relevant requirements are not observed and the corresponding

measures are not taken, there is a potential risk of mild or moderate personal injury


this manual and the attention without warning signs on the frequency converter mean that if the relevant requirements are not observed and the corresponding

measures are not taken, there is a potential risk of property damage


the prompt in this manual means that if the user does not pay attention to the problem prompted, there may be unwanted results

or states


the description in this manual is to point out the important information about the product, and the boldface part in the manual is the problem that should be paid special attention to

certified personnel

the so-called certified personnel in this manual and the marks of the frequency converter means that the personnel working on this equipment must be familiar with the steps and requirements of equipment installation, commissioning and operation, and can avoid various emergencies in production

they must also meet the following conditions:

1 Have received special training and passed the examination, and be able to conduct various operations such as power on, power off, cleaning, grounding and line connection of circuits and

equipment in accordance with the requirements of routine and safe operation steps specified in this manual

2. Trained and able to correctly maintain and use the protection equipment according to the requirements of routine and safe operation steps specified in this manual

3. Trained in first aid

pe - through the protective grounding of the grounding conductor, the cross-section size of the grounding conductor should ensure that the voltage of the grounding point does not exceed 50 volts when the PE grounding point is short circuited with the grounding bus line. Usually, this point is used for the grounding of the frequency converter

- the reference voltage of the grounding point can reach the same value as the ground voltage. Usually, this point is used for the grounding of the motor

can only be used in the specified application fields

this frequency converter can only be used in the application fields specified in the manual, and can only be used with devices and components recommended and approved by Siemens

safety instructions

the following warnings, precautions and tips are put forward for your safety and are a measure to prevent damage to the equipment or its connected parts. When dealing with matters related to Micromaster 440 inverter, the warnings, precautions and tips listed in this section are usually involved. They are divided into the following categories: routine, transportation and storage,

commissioning, operation, maintenance, disassembly and waste disposal

special warnings, notes and tips: applicable to special operations, put them at the beginning of the relevant chapter, and repeat or supplement them where needed in this chapter

please read these warnings carefully, pay attention and tips, because they provide you with the guarantee of personal safety, and have

to reduce the possibility of metal fatigue, which helps to prolong the service life of the Micromaster 440 frequency converter and the equipment connected to it



this equipment has dangerous voltage, and it controls rotating parts with potential danger. If you do not comply with the provisions of the police notice, or do not operate according to the requirements of this manual, you may cause death, serious personal injury or heavy property damage

only certified professionals are allowed to operate this equipment, and they should be familiar with all the safety instructions and relevant installation, operation and maintenance regulations in this manual before using the equipment. Correct handling, loading and unloading, in place installation and operation

maintenance are the reliable guarantee for the safe and successful operation of this equipment

pay attention to the danger of electric shock. Even if the power supply has been cut off, there is still dangerous voltage on the DC circuit capacitor of the frequency converter,

therefore, it is allowed to turn on the equipment 5 minutes after the power supply is turned off

the rated power in horsepower is given according to the 1La motor of Siemens, and it is only guiding

; They are not necessarily consistent with UL or NEMA power ratings in horsepower


prevent children and the public from contacting or approaching this device

this equipment can only be used according to the purpose specified by the manufacturer. Unauthorized modification or use of parts not sold or recommended by the equipment manufacturer may cause fire, electric shock and other injuries


please put this manual near the frequency conversion equipment where it is easy to find, so as to ensure that all users are convenient to use

when measuring or testing on live equipment in operation, the provisions of safety regulation vbg4.0 must be observed,

especially the provisions of section 8 on the allowable safety distance when working on live parts. During actual operation, appropriate electronic appliances should be used

before installing and debugging the frequency converter, please be sure to carefully read these safety rules and warnings, as well as all warning signs pasted on the equipment. Make sure the warning signs are placed in a conspicuous place, and replace the fallen or damaged signs

warnings on transportation and storage

correct transportation, storage, positioning and installation, as well as careful operation and maintenance, are crucial to the normal and safe operation of the frequency converter


ensure that the frequency converter will not suffer physical impact and vibration during transportation and storage. It must also be protected from rain

and from excessive ambient temperature (see the table in this manual)

warning on commissioning

untrained and qualified personnel working on the devices/systems of the frequency converter or failing to comply with the relevant provisions of the warning may cause serious personal injury or major property damage. Only certified professionals trained in the design, installation, commissioning and operation of the equipment are allowed to work on the devices/systems of the equipment

the input power line is only allowed to be permanently fastened. The equipment must be grounded (according to IEC 536 class 1, NEC and its applicable standards)

if residual current protector (RCD) is used, it must be type B RCD. When the equipment is powered by three-phase power supply and equipped with

emc filter, it must not be grounded. Aluminum Corporation of China will focus on the transformation and upgrading of Jiaozuo industry Energy conservation and emission reduction continue to increase investment leakage circuit breaker ELCB (earth leakage circuit breaker -

even if the frequency converter is not working, the following terminals may still have dangerous voltage:

- power terminals l/l1, n/l2, L3 or u1/l1, v1/l2, w1/l3

- connect terminals u, V, w or u2/t1, v2/t2, w2/t3

- and terminals dc+/b+, dc-, b-, dc/r+ or c/l+, d/l-

.This equipment cannot be used as an emergency stop mechanism (refer to en 60204,

note that the power cable, motor cable and control cable connected to the frequency converter must be connected in the way shown in the figure of this manual

to avoid inductive and capacitive interference caused by the operation of the frequency converter

warning about operation

Micromaster frequency converter operates under high voltage

when electrical equipment is running, there is inevitably dangerous voltage on some parts of the equipment

according to the requirements of en60204iec204 (vde0113), the emergency shutdown equipment must maintain controllability under all

working modes of the control equipment. No matter how the emergency shutdown equipment stops running, it cannot cause uncontrollable

or unprepared restart

no matter where the fault occurs in the control equipment, it may cause major equipment damage, or even serious personal injury (i.e. there is a potential dangerous fault). Therefore, additional external preventive measures must be taken or an additional device for ensuring safe operation must be installed, even when the fault occurs (for example, installing an independent current limit switch,

mechanical interlock, etc.)

after the input power supply is interrupted and powered on again, certain parameter settings may cause the automatic restart of the frequency converter

in order to ensure that the overload protection of the motor can operate correctly, the motor parameters input to the frequency converter must be completely consistent with the actual


this equipment can provide motor overload protection function inside the frequency converter according to the requirements of ul508c section 42. According to

p0610 (access level) and p0335, the i2t protection function is enabled by default. The overload protection function of the motor

can also be realized through digital input by using external PTC (p0601 disables this function by default)

this equipment is suitable for places where the symmetrical capacity of the circuit is not greater than 10000 amps (root mean square value). When it has h or k

fuse protection (see the attached table in Chapter 7 of this manual), the maximum voltage is 230v/460v/575v

this equipment cannot be used as an emergency stop mechanism (see en 60204,

warning about maintenance

the maintenance of the equipment can only be serviced by Siemens

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