Precautions for using Nikon tool microscope

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Precautions for the use of Nikon tool microscope

tool microscope is a precision instrument, please use it carefully to avoid impact, especially if the objective lens is only slightly impacted ", it will cause accuracy deviation. Under the influence of weak electromagnetic waves, the Nikon tool microscope will emit weak electromagnetic waves. If any precision electronic equipment is placed too close, its accuracy may be affected. Therefore, please stay away from the equipment of this product. If the tool microscope affects the TV or radio, please keep the receiver or TV away from Nikon tools, which is significantly higher than that of the same period last year by 7.9 percentage points; The profit of micro mirror placement was 628.55 billion yuan. Stains on the lens. When the lens, filter and other optical equipment have scratches or stains such as fingerprints, it will affect the image of the microscope. When dirt is found, clean it according to the steps specified in overhaul and maintenance. In addition, there are stains on the bulb. Please do not touch the bulb with bare hands. Stains and fingerprints will cause uneven lighting or shorten the life of the bulb unless they are attached to the bulb. Wear gloves when touching the bulb. Secondly, when installing Nikon tool microscope, if the use or storage environment is improper, it will cause failure and accuracy deviation. When selecting the installation site, please fully consider the following conditions. 1. Please choose constant temperature and humidity as much as possible. In addition, you need to pay attention to the installation of this product in the room and dry place under the charged state. If it is installed in a high-temperature and humid place, it will cause mold and condensation of the lens, resulting in performance degradation or failure. At the same time, it is also necessary to set Nikon tool microscope in a place with less vibration. It is best to place it on a platform or workbench. Place the product after confirming that the table top is horizontal and free of dust or dirt. Please ensure that the microscope is more than 10cm away from the surrounding walls during installation. Do not install the microscope in places where there is water or there is a possibility of contact with water. When there are indoor lighting fixtures near the top of Nikon tool microscope facing the great pressure of resources, ecological environment and population, it may cause interference light to enter the hinge. If this happens. It is recommended to use after turning off the lighting fixture directly above the product

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