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Precautions for the use of voltage withstand tester

when using the voltage withstand tester, it is necessary to do a good job of safety protection

1 The operator shall put an insulating rubber pad under his feet and wear insulating gloves to prevent life danger caused by high-voltage electric shock

2. The instrument must be reliably grounded

3. When connecting the tested object, ensure that the high voltage output is 0 and in the reset state

4. During the test, the grounding terminal of the instrument shall be reliably connected with the tested body, and open circuit is strictly prohibited

5. Do not short-circuit the output ground wire with the AC power line, so that at the same time, the maximum deformation and elongation after fracture of the direct response test can be carried out impact, fatigue and other dynamic tests, so as to avoid the shell with high voltage, causing danger

6. Try to avoid short circuit between the high-voltage output end and the ground wire to prevent accidents

7. Once the test lamp and over leakage lamp are damaged, they must be replaced immediately to prevent misjudgment

8. When troubleshooting, 2. The power supply must be cut off for equipment measurement problems

9. When the instrument adjusts the high voltage without load, the leakage current indicator has the initial current, which is normal and does not affect the test accuracy after 2 years

10. Avoid direct sunlight on the front of the instrument, and do not use or store it in a high-temperature, humid and dusty environment

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