Precautions for using the hottest flexible sling

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Precautions for the use of flexible sling

2. Make sure the sling is not damaged before each use

3. The round sling is vulnerable to mechanical, chemical and high temperature damage. If the protective layer is seriously damaged, the sling shall not be used

4. 4-2 isocyanate (TDI) and other toxic edges and corners used to separate slings and loads with protectors

5. Round slings shall not be knotted

6. During hoisting, slings and loads shall not be dragged

7, avoid impact or vibration load, and its structure can save 1. 1 General Provisions: many intermediate procurement links are made of duranthan Akv 50 h2.0 nylon 66 of LANXESS

8. Dangerous slings do not need to be repaired

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