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Xi County Public Security Bureau adheres to the "four highlights" to carry out the special action against illegal exploitation of river sand

since this year, Xi County Public Security Bureau has adhered to the four highlights, comprehensively strengthened the defense line of sand related crimes, and cracked down on illegal exploitation of river sand according to law, Ensure that the river sand in Xixian county is in a stable and good order

first, highlight the high point position and implement the guarantee and strong promotion. Special

since the beginning of this year, Xi County Public Security Bureau has adhered to four highlights, comprehensively established a clear line of defense for the sand related crimes that China's annual output of new energy vehicles will reach 2million by 2020, cracked down on the illegal exploitation of river sand in accordance with the law, and ensured the stable and good order of river sand in Xi county

first, highlight the high point position and implement the guarantee and strong promotion. Since the launch of the special action, the Party committee of the Bureau has attached great importance to it and deployed it in a high position. A special working class has been established to clarify all departments, formulate specific working measures, consolidate the basic guarantee, and ensure the orderly implementation of the special action against illegal exploitation of river sand. Since this year, the Bureau has held three deployment meetings to combat illegal sand mining and five special work promotion meetings; The members of the Party committee of the bureau have gone deep into the grass-roots level for many times to command and coordinate the progress; The anti Mafia Office of the Bureau will dispatch the clue verification and case investigation of key cases of illegal sand mining once a week to ensure that the work is implemented, the clues are quickly verified and the cases are fully investigated

second, highlight the heavy fist attack, based on the main business to improve quality and efficiency. We will build six major clue handling channels, including mass reporting, superior transmission, normal accumulation, police type mining, data analysis, and collaborative lineup, and thoroughly handle all kinds of clues. Insist on starting with the links of mining, barge, transportation and marketing, strengthen the investigation, sorting, serial and parallel analysis of construction sites, shipping docks and other places, comprehensively look for key clues and personnel whose identities have not been identified, fugitives have not been brought to justice, and the punishment has not been in place, so as to ensure that the sand mining vessels, personnel, docks, funds and sand related police in the jurisdiction are clear

third, focus on comprehensive improvement and linkage of source prevention and control. The bureau took the initiative to cooperate with all units to carry out linkage and coordination, and coordinated the environmental protection, water conservancy, and other departments to carry out joint law enforcement actions. With the four governance as the guide, the initial clamping force is large, strengthening the rectification of random points, and strengthening the rectification effect. Since this year, the police have been dispatched. If you don't understand the various functions and performance of the experimental machine, more than 300 people have been sent to jointly enforce the law for more than 40 times; A total of 20 administrative cases of illegal sand mining and 24 administrative detentions were handled. At the same time, we will further improve the communication and feedback mechanism between the public security organs and the Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision to ensure that the crackdown on illegal sand mining and umbrella breaking by the evil forces along the Huaihe River in Xixian county is carried out simultaneously

IV. highlight publicity and launch, and create an atmosphere and momentum. Make full use of the publicity launched by the public security we media, television, Internet, etc., and widely carry out publicity by posting slogans, hanging banners, distributing leaflets, loudspeaker broadcasting, etc., and announce the reporting methods and reward measures to all sectors of the society, so as to achieve wide publicity and popularization. During the period, more than 20000 leaflets were distributed and more than 1000 slogans were printed, which greatly encouraged the people to participate

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