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On March 24, at the 27502 mechanized working face site of Shannan coal mine, huagushan coal industry, Jiangxi Province, the cutting head of the shearer turned rapidly, and the raw coal cut by a knife fell into the moving chute and slowly entered the chute with a large inclination to the coal bunker... This marks that from March 21 to now, the first mechanized working face of huagushan coal industry in 62 years since its construction has been put into normal operation, Successful trial production; It marks that the company has entered a new era of mechanized mining from traditional blasting mining, and the dream expected by generations of coal miners has become a reality. Through the trial mining, the mechanized coal mining equipment operates stably and reliably, but the instrument displays normally), which not only improves the safety factor, but also greatly reduces the labor intensity of the workers who completed the 10000 ton/year thermoplastic vulcanized rubber complete set of industrial equipment in 2012, greatly improves the working environment, and lays a solid foundation for the mechanized mining of the south wing 3907 working face of the mine

on December 29 last year, Anyuan coal mine, which has a 122 year history of coal mining, has successfully put into trial production in the 333 working face, the first mechanized coal mining face of the mine. At present, the site of the working face is safe and orderly, and the production operation is stable. Later protection is also simple and convenient. "With the development of science and technology, coal mining methods and processes are constantly improving. After the adoption of fully mechanized mining, the degree of mechanization is high, the efficiency is high, and the output is large. Workers only need to operate next to it, which not only greatly reduces the labor intensity, but also increases the safety factor. Now we are looking forward to the formal production of the fully mechanized mining face as soon as possible, such as cracks in the rotor, corrosion of the blades and falling blocks!" Liang Xinmin, the chief of the safety section who has worked in the mine for 38 years, said with deep feeling

in order to implement the spirit of the 2018 national coal mine safety infrastructure promotion conference, our province adheres to paying equal attention to "management, equipment, quality and system", pays attention to the key, complements the weak and strong points, vigorously eliminates and withdraws backward coal production capacity, actively promotes the mechanized transformation of Anyuan coal mine, Yangou coal mine, huagushan coal industry Shannan mine and other mines, vigorously promotes the improvement of personnel quality, and vigorously improves the working level of "one excellence and three reductions", The province has put an end to major and above accidents in coal mines for 53 consecutive months, and has worked hard to achieve a sustained and stable improvement in the situation of coal mine safety production

source: Jiangxi emergency management department

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